Multifaceted design practice in 21st-century architecture

22 May 2019

Wednesday 22 May Thijs van Spaandonk and Gerjan Streng, from The Cloud Collective, and Mark Feron from Architectenzaak talk about their design practice. A changing society’s issues, assignments, and organisational forms ensure the architect’s role is also changing.

These two collectives provide insight into their portfolios and what they address. Whereas twentieth-century architecture devoted itself to individual genius, nowadays many agencies collaborate, taking on different assignments, and the user’s role is more prominent.

Developing different financial scenarios and self-determining narratives will eventually enable different circular societies.

The Cloud Collective
The Cloud Collective, a cooperative of design agencies addressing the social impact of architecture and design, comprises the agencies Civic, Matters, and Bright, who all use architectural and graphic design to research and create public places.

Following the principle of ‘good architecture is relevant architecture’, Architectenzaak have worked, at home and abroad, for governments, housing corporations, education, healthcare, and cultural institutions, as well as investors, project developers, and private individuals, constantly seeking relevant architecture’s essence.

Saskia van Stein, Bureau Europa’s director, moderates this lecture.

Date: Wednesday, 22 May, 20:00 – 23:00
Location: Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design.
Language: Dutch
Admission: free, advance registration required via, stating ‘lezing 22 May’.

Image: The Cloud Collective.