Medicine Factory: natural medications for the abdomen!

7 April 2017

During the Maastricht Museum Night on Friday 7 April, you can participate in a workshop by Circus Engelbregt. At the Frontenpark, under the guidance of professionally trained technicians, you can research the healing power of nature and – based on your ailments – make your own medicine. The workshop is part of the exhibition Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare.

Medicine Factory is an educational art project by Circus Engelbregt in which health, responsibility, social cohesion, and care for nature and the environment come together on the worktable.

Circus Engelbregt
Circus Engelbregt is a creative, process-disordering studio that aims to increase social sustainability. They initiate and design art projects that take place on the borders of seemingly incompatible areas. Circus Engelbregt does not avoid friction, often deliberately seeks opposition, and rejects the idea of an entrenched, compartmentalised society.

Date: 7 April at 16:00, 20:30 and 22:00
Language: Dutch
Admission and participation: free. Please register in advance via stating ‘Circus Engelbregt’
Location: please meet at Bureau Europa.

Medicin Factory during Museum Night Maastricht