Stars for the city: landscape and environmental visions and Maastricht's self-image

21 November 2019
Als prelude op de tentoonstelling Landschap als Cult. Een andere kijk op onze natuur. geven stadsfilosoof Govert Derix en Tim van Wanroij, projectleider Omgevingsvisie bij de Gemeente Maastricht, een duolezing over het landschap als (ver)drager van zelfbeelden, stadsvisies en de (re)organisatie van stedelijkheid.

To prelude the exhibition ‘Landscape as Cult. A Changing View on our Nature’, city philosopher Govert Derix and Tim van Wanroij, Environmental Vision project leader at the Municipality of Maastricht, give a lecture on the landscape as a conveyor of self-image, urban vision, and the structuring and reorganisation of urban life.

Bruno Latour's speculative idea ‘The Parliament of Things’ puts animals, plants, things and people on an equal footing. As well as policymakers, more and more designers are probing the dehumanised worldview, which considers humanity as merely a matter of the ebb and flow of world history. Govert Derix already mentioned this in his 2018 lecture to the city council, ‘We, the Maastricht Nature’ (Wij, de Maastrichtse Natuur).

Can this inspire the Municipality of Maastricht's new Environmental Vision (Omgevingsvisie) – the city's strategic vision for the physical living environment, and its desired development policy until 2040? How can we make Maastricht more beautiful, healthier, more attractive and protect and preserve its living environment?

Govert Derix
Philosopher and writer Govert Derix is called Maastricht's own city philosopher. The development of the individual was the most important in his management book, 'The Vision Web' (2000), in which he denounces classical power structures. 'Ayahuasca' (2004) focused on a more complete understanding of the human situation. His columns and essays regularly appear in the Limburg newspapers and Zuid Magazine.

Tim van Wanroij
Tim van Wanroijs main interests are in sustainability challenges and city government models. He spent a few years researching urban development at Maastricht-LAB. As a process manager at the Ruimte/Beleid & Ontwikkeling department of the municipality of Maastricht, he is involved in the development of the new Environmental Vision.

Moderator: Floor van Spaendonck, director of Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design.

Date: Thursday 21 November, 20:00 – 22:00
Language: Dutch
Admission: free, but please register via with 'Lezing 21 November' as the subject.
Location: Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design