Open Source | With designer Thomas Lommee designer, architect Peter Stoutjesdijk and entrepreneur Rik Theunissen

24 June 2015
From consumer to producer? Standardisation to diversity? On Wednesday, 24 June, we will talk about Open Source. The term refers both to the pursuit of free access to source materials and the technical means allowing this ideal potential. Against dominant economic principles such as monopolization and other closed processes, the rise of digital resources from the 80s promises a democratization of information and culture with more space for self-expression.

Combined with the current technical possibilities, such as computer-controlled production of 3D printing, the Open Source idea seems to have much more impact on the economy and our society. The vast potential for designing, distributing, sharing and produce goods, provide opportunities for scaling down the economic, educational and regulatory infrastructure. What was first assigned only to the engineers of Silicon Valley and the hacker culture, now has been extended to a situation where consumers are producers.

On this evening we will discuss the status of open source with three specialists:
* designer Thomas Lommee (Intrastructures),
* architect Pieter Stoutjesdijk (ECOnnect) and
* entrepreneur Rick Theunissen (MakerPoint Maastricht).

To what extent has the stated objectives Open Source actually been accomplished? Can it compete with industrial production? What can we expect in the near future?

Pieter Stoutjesdijk,founder of ECOonnect. In 2013 he graduated from Delft University of Technology, through a computer-controlled milling machine to build a model for a house. Stoutjesdijk designed the house specifically for Haiti, which was hit in 2010 by an earthquake. The house he designed consists of some 2484 components that fit seamlessly through 'friction fit'. The model is suitable for the local climate by high ceilings for ventilation, a porch and a double parabolic roof that collects rainwater.

Thomas Lommée is educator, product designer and industrial designer. With his design Intrastructures he works on systemic change ring: products, services and spatial interventions that are grafted onto a more sustainable society. He will tell about his project 'Open Structures', which has already been described as' Lego-meets-Wikipedia.

Rik Theunissen is co-founder of MakerPoint Maastricht for 3D printing and 3D scanning. Theunissen will talk about the latest developments of 3D printing, and the implications of this technology for the economy and education.

Moderator: Saskia van Stein.
Language: Dutch
Admission: Free