Club Céramique: program and activities

30 November 2010 – 27 March 2011
Past, present and future of Maastricht area Céramique were presented in Club Céramique with various activities and events.

Examples of activities/evenements with 'Club Céramique'

With Club Siza:

'The Ideal Living': mini-exhibition with unique furniture of Álvaro Siza, specially designed for the penthouse of the Tower of Siza.

'The inner world of Céramique', tours of several apartments in the Céramique area.

With Piazza Céramique 2060:

Salon/interactive discussions with Jo Janssen, architect of Piazza Céramique, with Christian Kieckens, architect of Allogio Giardino, and with Hary Gulikers, architect of La Forme.

With Club Camera:

Photographer duo Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm interpreted several interiors with photographic works in the public space of the Céramique area. These photos were presented on billboards in the Céramique public space.  

With  Terrace Céramique:

Workshop 'Ecological garden design for a balcony of roof terrace' by Frank Bruggeman.

Presentation with private photos of the decoration of a roof terrace on Céramique. 

With Bar CC:

'Invisible Cities': city stories by Tim Prins/Studio Stad that make you dream.

Workshop Cocktail shaking with Shake & Serve.

Bridge afternoons,organized by inhabitants of the Céramique quarter.

With ‘Herenkamer Céramique’:

'The realization of Céramique': photos, sketches and film about the development history of the Céramique area (with contributions of architect studio Jo Coenen & Co, Huub Smeets, CEO Vesteda, Collectie Centre Céramique and van Even & van Even Mediaproducties)

Beamer presentation with private photos of the development of the Céramique area from 1977 till present, and photos of the history of the Hoeg Brök.

Workshop'Mapping/Céramique remapped' with Academies Beeldende Kunsten and Bouwkunst Maastricht, RWTH Aachen and PHL Hasselt.

Vesteda Conference: ‘Céramique, an example of European area development'. An evaluation of and reflection on city quarter Céramique. Speakers: Huub Smeets (Vesteda), Jo Coenen (Jo Coenen & Co Architects), Bob van Reeth (AWG Architecten), Jaco Meuwissen (3W), Bjarne Mastenbroek (SeArch), Frits van Dongen (De Architekten Cie), Jacques Costongs (alderman City of Maastricht), Guus Beumer (NAiM/Bureau Europa). 

Issue of 'Céramique Special' to celebrate 23 years of Céramique. In cooperation with cultural magazine Zuiderlucht, December 2010.

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset


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