Love in a Mist

The Architecture of Emancipation

14 February till 15 August 2021

In Love in a Mist, Woman carries the leading role, in architecture and in her historical development and self-realisation. From nunneries to fertility clinics to abortion clinics, this exposition makes space to tell the unheard stories of women and to show that Limburg too has been a stage for remarkable emancipation.

Love in a Mist (Nigella damascena), belonging to the buttercup family, is a little purple flower with black seeds. The seeds are well-known for their medicinal attributes to the heart, liver, and brain. In ancient times, the seed was used to control fertility and to carry out abortions.

Historically, ‘typically feminine’ knowledge was problematised just as much as the female body itself. But looking at the architecture of nunneries to factory halls, to the organisation of healthcare at midwifery schools to abortion clinics, and to the structures of influence of the mighty princesses of Thorn to the current importance of the Mooswief in Maastricht, it becomes clear that female capabilities have long, unjustly been underestimated.

Physician and activist Rebecca Gomperts appears in the exhibition as one of the most influential people in the world (Time Magazine, 2020): in international waters, she enables women to get safe, legal abortions where that is impossible in their own countries. A striking lecture series featuring women in architecture will be presented by Merel Pit. In the exhibition, artists like Yael Bartana and Desirée Dolron come to the fore, just like the first Dutch women to strike and to vote, both in Maastricht...