Lines in the Landscape

Artist Stefan Cools delves into nature

30 October till 12 December 2021

Stefan Cools has been walking through the Bunderbos almost daily for over ten years. It is a spring-source forest with rich and rare flora. The butterfly is pivotal to his work. Apart from the fact that the butterfly undergoes a fascinating metamorphosis, it is above all an indicator of the environment’s condition because of a butterfly’s specific requirements of its habitat.

Lines in the Landscape is an exhibition in the corner space and shop windows, featuring finds, observations and notes created during Cools’ daily walks. He takes these artefacts to his studio, where he organises, transforms and connects them to previously found items. In this regard, this exhibition is its own biotope.

You can experience part of his daily walk in the From Landfill to Flowery Grassland nature trail Cools made for Bureau Europa. The walk and this presentation are both made possible by the Very Contemporary Euregio network.

Dates 30 Oct to 12 Dec 2021, usual opening hours
Location Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design
Admission €5 adults; €3 students; free with a valid museum card

Planting day at Op 't Rentelen After a successful crowdfunding, a diverse programme will be organised on Saturday 30 October from 10am to 4pm on the plot of land that Stefan and Sandra lease from the Province of Limburg. It has already been mowed, hayed, and sown. Now it's time for the planting of trees and bushes, alongside workshops that show you how best to trim fruitbearing trees and how to mow with a scithey 

Simultaneously, the presentation Lines in the Landscape will open at Bureau Europa. You can visit the presentation till Sunday 12 December. 

10.00am: planting fruit trees
12.30pm: workshop fruit tree topiary trimming
1.00pm: planting forest edge
3.00pm: scything clinic 

Please note: the terrain is solely accessible on foot or by bike. You can park your car in Bunde.