Lecture by DUS architects

23 April 2013

On 23 April, Hedwig Heinsman of DUS architects (founded in 2004 by Martine de Wit, Hans Vermeulen and Hedwig Heinsman) spoke about the work and design attitude of DUS.

Social significance shows at all levels of DUS' work, ranging from large urban strategies to outdoor breakfast designs. DUS sees architecture as a craftsmanship and combines research and design with a 'hands on' approach and unique use of materials.

DUS currently works on a variety of projects that range from art installation, product- and event design to architecture, planning and long-term urban transformation trajectories. The office is based in Amsterdam and is run by the three partners together with a varying team of employees and freelancers.

By practicing their credo 'DESIGN by DOING' DUS establishes a dialogue with the community, which results in valuable input for the design process, and brings developer, (future) inhabitants and municipality around one table. In this manner, DUS currently leads big urban projects; such as the design and transformation of 150 communal dwell units in Nieuwegein and in their role as supervisors of the transformation of 2000 homes in Almere Haven.

In 2006, this approach, dubbed 'DUS-method', was awarded the RMNO-prize by VROM (the Dutch advisory council for research on spatial planning, nature and the environment).

Date: Tuesday, 23 April
Time: 20h – 22h
Language: Dutch
Access: free
Venue: Bureau Europa,Timmerfabriek, Boschstraat 9, 6211 AS Maastricht