KIJK Raumplan Versus Plan Libre

10 till 19 April 2015

Echoing the exhibition ‘Raumplan Versus Plan Libre’ curated by Max Risselade, which took place at TU Delft in 1986/87, third year BA Architectural Design students at the Maastricht Academy of Architecture sought the contemporary significance of Loos’s and Le Corbusier’s designs.

The Floor Plan as Prototype: Loos and Le Corbusier
The houses of the architects Adolf Loos (1870 – 1933) and Le Corbusier (1887 – 1965) have long played an important role in architectural discourse and education. The design principles of Adolf Loos – oriented on spatial experience – and Le Corbusier focus on an open structure allowing free movement. Each design is of high quality, but could be

What Do These Designs Mean for These Young Architecture Students?
The students have studied these architects’ work by making models of their various houses. Thus, they have each developed a fascination for a specific house. Based on this examination, they made an intervention in one of the houses’ spaces that is personally meaningful to them by responding to the qualities of that space. A 1:20 scale model shows how the room can be influenced through materiality, light and colour.

Contrasting Insights
The result is an exhibition of architectural models and photos of architectural models, providing insight into the spatial experience of the houses of Adolf Loos and Le Corbusier. The exhibition also shows how today’s architecture students look at these designs and how they can intervene using their contemporary perceptions of these two major figures’ works. It shows the present-day relevance that is embedded in the essence of both architects’ work. Raumplan Versus Plan Libre also provides insight into architecture education, where in addition to working with the computer, the craft of building scale models is essential to calculating the real experience of a space as faithfully as possible.

Prof Max Risselada, professor emeritus at TU Delft, and curator of the original Raumplan versus Plan Libre exhibition, will open this presentation. He is known for his research into modern architecture and considers teaching his rich career’s most important aspect.

Before the opening, Max Risselada talks with Teske van Royen (architect and teacher at the Maastricht Academy of Architecture) and Arjan Hebly (architect at Hebly Theunissen Architects). Saskia van Stein (Director of Bureau Europe) will act as moderator.

Date: 10 – 19 April 2015, opening on Friday 10 April, 16:00 – 18:30
Location: Bureau Europa
Admission: free

KIJK Raumplan Versus Plan Libre

Exhibition KIJK Raumplan versus Plan Libre

Opening KIJK Raumplan versus Plan Libre