Keynote Lecture Floris Alkemade

22 September 2020

On September 22, Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade gives his keynote lecture about urban design in the Anthropocene. Studium Generale and Bureau Europa present this event as part of the exhibition Landscape as Cult. Another view of our nature.

After a six-month delay, Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade’s lecture on urban development in the Anthropocene is now going ahead! Studium Generale and Bureau Europa organised this lecture for the exhibition Landscape as a Cult. A Different View of our Nature.


Urban planning is changing because sustainability, circular material flows, renewable energy and more efficient traffic play a greater role. The contemporary era is called the Anthropocene because humankind’s influence on the environment is impossible to ignore. To keep some control over the major consequences this has for how we shall live in the future, the architect and urban planner will play a decisive role in designing the city of the future.

Floris Alkemade

Floris Alkemade’s four-year tenure as Chief Government Architect started in 2015. Alkemade worked at OMA (seven years as a partner) and founded his own agency FAA in 2008. As Chief Government Architect, Alkemade concentrated on social challenges with spatial components, such as climate change, energy transition and socioeconomic decline. In 2018 he was awarded Architect of the Year.

For inspiration, listen to Kunstof’s radio interview with him here!

Date Tuesday 22 September, 20.00 – 21.30h.

Language English