June 2: Architecture Day 2018

2 June 2018

On Saturday 2 June, Construction Day and Architecture Day coincide, thus Bureau Europa is taking visitors through the Belvédère area for guided tours, music, and walks, through nature, along the water, and under concrete.

Urban planner Peter de Ronde (Municipality of Maastricht) hosts this event, telling all the ins and outs, plans, and developments for this part of Maastricht.

Embracing.Exchange Maastricht
After a short introduction about the ambitions for the Belvédère area, there is a quick visit to the Embracing.Exchange exhibition by Maurer United Architects, which runs from 1 to 10 June 2018. Marc Maurer also gives a short demonstration of virtual reality: what are the uses and potentials of virtual reality for design, making, and architecture?

The Eiffel building
During a viewing of the loft rooms and enjoying a 30-metre-high panoramic view of Belvédère, the city centre, and the Bassin, you can learn about what’s in store for this area. Then follows a jazzy intermezzo in the Student Hotel’s sky bar.

Student Hotel Maastricht
The Student Hotel in Maastricht is the first to be housed in a national monument. This decision proposed difficult design challenges. Talk to the hotel’s designers and enjoy the atmosphere of the student café, the recreation rooms, and the hotel rooms.

Green, water, and concrete
The tour continues towards the Frontenpark. On the way, we pass De Krul: the old exit of the Noorderbrug, a piece of infrastructure that is being preserved and surrounded by parkland and a waterway. Learn why the city is conserving De Krul and discover the potential of abandoned infrastructure.

Of fortifications and lizards
Finally, we walk to the Frontenpark, a unique piece of parkland in Maastricht’s urban fabric, which has been in the spotlight due to the Noorderbrug’s recent relocation. The old ramparts have been thoroughly restored. But what informs this restoration? What does restoration imply? And what about the lizards?

Bureau Europa and Schunck* join forces
Bureau Europa and SCHUNCK * join forces on the Zuid Limburg Architecture Day. Schunck* has programmed a special programme for the Parkstad area. Click here to read the complete programme.

This Maastricht programme has been made in collaboration with Student Hotel Maastricht and Infocentrum Belvédère.

Date: Saturday 2 June 2018 at 13.00–15.30 and 15.00–17.30 > BOTH TOURS ARE FULLY BOOKED!
Location: the Sphinx Quarter and Frontenpark, gather at the south entrance of the Eiffel building (Eiffelgebouw Zuid).
Language: Dutch
Admission: free – registration required. Click here if you want to register for the guided tour at 13.00. Would you like to join the group starting at 15.00? Then click here.

photos: Moniek Wegdam