IBA Parkstad plans: lecture by Jo Coenen

17 September 2015

IBA (International Bau Ausstellung) is originally a German concept and is characterised by long periods of engagement – usually addressing social and economic issues through spatial interventions – often for 20 years. It was successfully applied to address large-scale contraction in the Saxony-Anhalt region, and gave a boost to Duisburg and Essen through the Zeche Zollverein and the Landschaftspark.

Lecture by Jo Coenen, director of IBA
On Thursday 17 September, Jo Coenen, IBA’s director, will talk about the IBA for Parkstad, which is the metropolitan region consisting of Heerlen and seven surrounding municipalities. Can this German approach also be used to give a substantial boost to this former mining area and contribute to the transformation of what is a fragmented region? As well as being an open experiment with input from the residents, businesses, and social organisations, it will be crucial for a spatial and social renaissance and the sustainable development of the economy.

Presentation by 3 students
Prior to Coenen's lecture, three architecture students from the TU Eindhoven present their graduation projects about IBA Parkstad:

- KyoungHo Choi shows why we must maintain Schaesberg Castle as a ruin and plan the surroundings as a horticultural location.

- Daniek Reijnders re-models the V&D department store in Heerlen into a ‘Food Experience Center’, with which agriculture stimulus is manifested in the urban environment.

- Joost van Gorkom shows the effects of decline in the inner city of Heerlen and how temporary urbanism can be used to deal with the location opposite the Schouwburgplein.

Bureau Europa's director, Saskia van Stein, will moderate the evening.

Date: 17 September
Time: 20:00 – 22:00
Admission: free
Language: Dutch
Location: Bureau Europa

Jo Coenen

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