House / Care/ Architecture

7 February 2018

A debate that addresses institutional requirements and ‘care norms’ and questions the presumed goodness of domesticity.


Many of us prefer the idea of being sick, getting old, or dying as something that should happen at home or in a domestic rocontext.

Politicians and health insurers attach great importance to home care. But what exactly is behind this definition of homeliness? How do you design and build home care? Who benefits from it? And is ‘home’ the same for everyone and good for everyone?

In House/Care/Architecture, experts and public will be interviewed. Simone van Trier moderates the debate.

The programme is organised by Debatcentrum Sphinx and Bureau Europa. For more information, please check Bureau Europa’s website and its social media pages.

Date: 7 February, 14:30–16:30
Language: Dutch
Admission: free
Location: Centre Céramique