Het Schuilatelier

Simmering sentiments with Salomé Mooij

8 April 2022

What is your preferred sanctuary? Where do you feel safe, where can you be yourself? Where does the tumult of every-day hubbub completely pass by you, where do you feel the other planes of reality in your daily life? Make your own escape plan with artist Salomé Mooij during the Museumnacht Maastricht on Friday 8 April 2022.

Artist Salomé Mooij invites you to have a conversation during an intimate 30 minutes performance. Where do you feel safe? What is your favorite hiding place? A place where you can be yourself, where the noise around you is silenced and you can explore another layer of existence? During your conversation with Salomé, you will make a miniature with everyday objects and shape your hiding place.

Part of 3x3x3 in collaboration with SoAP Maastricht.

Book one of the timeslots: mail your name and phone number to info@bureau-europa.nl and you will receive a 30-minutes timeslot. 

The artist
Salomé Mooij (The Hague, 1990) studied philosophy at the university of Ghent and theatre directing at the theatre academy RITCS in Brussels. Currently she works as a theatre maker and performer, focusing on developing her artistic practice, supported by SoAP, C-TAKT, De Brakke Grond, wpZimmer, De Nwe Vorst and METROPOLIS/KIT.

Salomé makes insitu work by means of physical thinking exercises that are characterized by a longing for scanning, unfolding and connecting the micro and macro levels in our existence. In this way she tries to understand the world around her and to approach it as openly as possible. Within these theatrical frameworks, she examines the connections that are possible between different realities in the city, paying special attention to what is hidden from our view.The participants to her exercises become part of the investigation of their own realities.

Salomé Mooij is one of the artists of SoAP Maastricht.