15 September 2013 till 31 May 2015

At the end of April, provincial deputy Noël Lebens and city councillor Gerdo van Grootheest officially launched the development of the 'Frontenpark'. Bureau Europa has been charged with the programming of the 'Frontenpark'.

Step by step and in the framework of the Belvédère master plan, the City of Maastricht is going transform the north-west side of the inner city into a landscape park. The ‘Lage Fronten’ is already a green area with important historic elements and nature values, but will become one big ‘Frontenpark’ in the future together with the ‘Hoge Fronten’.  

On Friday 26 April provincial deputy Noël Lebens and city councillor Gerdo van Grootheest officially launched the development of the Frontenpark.  

In the near future, the pressure of heavy traffic from the Cabergerweg and Frontensingel will be eased by replacing where the Noorderbrug (North Bridge) touches down in Bosscherveld. Removing this barrier creates further opportunities for developing the Frontenpark, thus ensuring its place in the city.

As a counterpart to the existing park around the river Jeker, south of the city centre, the Frontenpark is rougher and more adventurous; rather than being constructed it has been carved out through the course of time.

Several partners are involved in the development of the Frontenpark. The CNME(Centre for Nature and Environmental Education) is responsible for the flora and fauna in the area and organizes activities in the Frontenpark, such as excursions, children's activities, and workdays.

The Stichting Vestingstad Maastricht (Fortification City of Maastricht Foundation) maintains the remnants of the fortifications and organizes walks in the area in cooperation with the Maastricht Tourist Board. These walks can be combined for example with a tour of the Casemate network of underground passageways.

Bureau Europa, platform for architecture, coordinates cultural activities in the Frontenpark in cooperation with all relevant and future partners. These could be small-scale music, theatre or film performances, but also workshops for design talent, projects with amateur photographers, public art projects or sporting activities. Furthermore, the Frontenpark offers space for long-term projects such as urban agriculture or beekeeping, which are open to all in Maastricht.

For this purpose, Bureau Europa will maintain direct contact with the citizens of Maastricht to realize a broad range of activities, always with respect for the protected nature in the area. Ideas for the ‘Frontenpark’ can be submitted until 1 October 2013 via the following email address:

The ‘Frontenpark’ also has its own website with up-to-date news and background information:


Winterwandeling #2

Spring in the park

Winter walks in the Frontenpark

Autumn in the park

Nature playground in the Frontenpark


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