Food landscapes in transition: Han Wiskerke on problems and solutions

28 November 2018

On 28 November, Han Wiskerke, Professor of Rural Sociology at the University of Wageningen, will give a lecture on the global food problem and possible future-proof solutions. As well as considering solutions through economic and social criteria, we also have to look at the spatial qualities of the landscape and how they are organised.

Flourishing Foodscapes

Wiskerke's book Flourishing Foodscapes looks at structural, large-scale solutions to food problems and addresses the issue of food scarcity. The term 'foodscapes', a portmanteau of 'food' and 'landscape', refers to the social and spatial organisation of networks and food systems, the physical places and social practices related to food production, processing, distribution, sale, preparation, and consumption.

Mansholt, Landscape in Perspective
This lecture continues our programming strand about food and society, which started with the exhibition Mansholt, Landscape in Perspective (Bureau Europa, 2014). This exhibition examined how agriculture determined the organisation and design of the Dutch landscape after 1945 and was set against the backdrop of current reforms to the European Common Agricultural Policy.

Moderator: Saskia van Stein, director of Bureau Europa.

There will be a drink after the lecture.

Date: 28 november 20.00 uur
Location: Bureau Europa, platform voor architectuur en design
Languge: Nederlands
Entrance: free, but please register in advance.