Festival MAAS!

With city walks, theatre, and model trains

6 till 10 September 2023

Uniting art, theatre, music, dance, film, and food, the MAAS! cultural festival is a seamless continuation of the summer holiday. From 6 to 10 September, it's time to get ‘on the road to MAAS!'

Explore the complimentary events at Bassin Beach, Camping Kosmos, Costa Kesselskade, or Vrijthof Village. For the complete schedule, visit the website.

Bureau Europa is the starting point for five free city walks. For more information, see our page and register via info@bureau-europa.nl stating: the walk and number of people.

And there's more! On Saturday 9 September, 't Magisch Theaterje will present short performances at Bureau Europa. Head over at 13.15, 14.15, 15.15 or 16.15.

And on Sunday 10 September, the enthusiastic members of model railway association De Percee will be on hand all day during the first of their railway Driving Days!