Exhibition PARKers

31 August till 8 September 2013

Exhibition in the Frontenpark: PARKers and cultural side programme. Nine temporary works of art, consisting of installations, sculptures and a performance, a film night with Lumière Cinema, location theatre with Nightscapes and a concert with bat detector together with Intro in situ.

Immediately adjacent to Maastricht’s historic city centre, lies a forgotten and for many people an unfamiliar territory with a great diversity of landscape, heritage, and ecological values. This area is currently being developed as the Frontenpark: a new landscape park to the north of Maastricht’s city centre.

In the last forty years, little attention has been paid to this former stronghold and old industrial area. On the initiative of the Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg and in close collaboration with Bureau Europa and the Van Eyck Academie nine artists took a new look at this 'forgotten' place with site-specific, temporary works of art that reflect the history, present and future of the new landscape park. 

Specially created walking routes led the visitor along these works of art, among which imaginative large animal cages, a regularly performed piece of music with sounds of birds that used to fly around in Maastricht, fifty protest signs that took the world of media and the annoyance about that to the park, and a large natural installation inspired on animal nests. 

With works by: Jeroen van Bergen (NL), Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros (LB/ FR), Jens Brouwers (DE), Stefan Cools (NL), Paul Devens (NL), Lucas Kramer (NL), La Bolleur (NL), Han Rameckers (NL) en Oscar Santillan (EC).

Organization and composition: Bart van den Boom and Ilona van den Brekel

Opening: 31 August - 16:00

Speakers: Pé Diederen - Director Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg / Gerdo van Grootheest - Alderman for Spatial Planning, Urban and Landscape development, City of Maastricht

Entrance Frontenpark: Q-Park parking lot on the Cabergerweg, Maastricht

The park is open from sunrise to sunset. The park has no paved paths, so good walking shoes are recommended.

Side program

* Film in the Frontenpark: Sunrise, A Tale of Two Humans

F. W. Murnau, USA 1927, 94 min, black and white, silent film with live music. With: George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingston, Bodil Rosing.

Organized by Bureau Europa and Lumière Cinema

Saturday 24 August, 20:30

Ticket € 5,-, available at Lumière Cinema or via www.lumiere.nl

* Where nightly flowers grow: concerten, performances en kunst

PARKers SneakPreview – with Nightscapes Productions

Friday 30 August 2013, 20:00

Ticket: € 10,- reservations via Info@NightscapesProductions.nl

Information: www.NightscapesProductions.nl

 * Jonge Honden and the Batdetector

Concert in collaboration with Intro in situ: young musicians make music together with bats by using a bat detector. 

Tuesday 3 September, 20:30 

Access: free / information: www.introinsitu.nl

For detailed information about the exhibition and the side program, please download the flyer (with map of the park) on this page. 

PARKers is made possible by: Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg, Bureau Europa, The Municipality of Maastricht, Van Eyck Academy, Brand Culture Funds Foundation, Edmond Hustinx Foundation.

With thanks to Intro in situ, Nightscapes Productions, Lumière Cinema, CNME/Arcadis, Project bureau Belvédère, and QPark. 

For the entire program, thanks to:

Province of Limburg, The Municipality of Maastricht, CNME, Stichting Vestingstad Maastricht (Foundation Maastricht Fortification City), Maastricht Tourist Office, Bureau Europa, Lumière Cinema, Bee Collective, and Arcadis.

Opening PARKers

Works of art PARKers