Excursion Dom Hans van der Laan

24 May 2008

NAiM/Bureau Europa organized a unique Dom Hans van der Laan event, with an excursion to his master piece in Mamelis: the St. Benedictusberg Abbey. After the excursion, Ruud Lammerink gave a lecture on Beauty, measure and rhythm.

Beauty, scale and rhythm

Speaker: Ruud Lammerink

Since the Renaissance, there has hardly been an architect with such a deep faith in scale as Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991). In the eyes of Van der Laan, scale is not an isolated feature, but an expression of the divine, an expression of the will of God in nature.

To this day, the church and monastery in Mamelis are silent witnesses of this faith. The lecture ‘Beauty, scale and rhythm’ gives insight into the ideas of this extraordinary architect and presents a number of highlights from his oeuvre.