4 July 2019

As part of the EMBRACING EXCHANGE program, the EXCHANGE ACADEMY will take place on 4 July, a theme meeting for students and educational institutions, among others.

Creative Industry - Crossing Points> 14.00 - 16.00:
This part of the programme examines the range and flow in creative industry education (and into practice).

Richard Wering - Valuas College, Venlo
Melissa Breur - Vista College, Maastricht
Chequita Nahar - Zuyd University, Maastricht
Annika Frencken - Maurer United Architects, Maastricht

Moderator: Sanne Janssen, Education Innovator

Creative Industry - Crossing Borders> 4 - 6 pm:
internationalisation will be discussed during this part of the programme.

Aaron Rahmlow von Lüpke - Rahmlow, Cologne
Boy Bastians - Stormhand, Maastricht
Maurice Mentjens - Maurice Mentjens, Holtum

Moderator: Saskia van Stein, director of Bureau Europa

Embracing Exchange Cocktail> 18.00 - 20.00 at Bureau Europa.

Please note:
Location theme meeting:
De Ruimte 'Eiffelgebouw Petrus Regoutplein 3, Maastricht:
Location: Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design
Language: English