Evaluating Alternatives: Market & Morality

9 November 2015

In ‘Evaluating Alternatives’, a series about the designer’s new roles and business models, Bureau Europa investigates the market’s basic ideology – neoliberalism.

Playwright and philosopher Martijn de Rijk continues his investigation into the tension between capitalism and ethics. He spoke to economists, a banker, a regulator at De Nederlandse Bank, and a priest about the moral limits of market logic. He presents the study’s result in the form of a theatrical lecture together with actors Mirjam Stolwijk, Simon Heijmans and Caspar Wortmann.

Dr René Gabriels and Professor Tsjalling Swierstra, both philosophers at the Maastricht University, will critically respond to the results. This evening is also considered a study of different forms of knowledge. The need to combine (cultural) events with performativity gave rise to Bureau Europa’s partnership with Maastricht’s renowned Theatre Academy.

The City as a Stage, the Stage as the World

Date: Monday 9 November 2015, 19:30 – 21:30
Location: Auditorium, Theatre Academy Maastricht, Lenculenstraat 31-33
Admission: Free, but please register via info@bureau-europa.nl mentioning ‘toneelvoorstelling Market and Morality’
Language: Dutch

Market and Morality