Evaluating Alternatives: duo lecture by Rik Martens and Marc Maurer

11 November 2015

This is a lecture in the series' Evaluating Alternatives, "about the changed roles and business models of the architect and designer, a subject that has been much discussed in recent years. Both within the discipline itself, as by those who ascribe much confidence in problem solving skills of designers. One speaks about a paradigm shift: no big gestures, but modest, mostly temporary designs.

Rik Martens - Martens Humblé architect / architecture and urban design - gives a lecture on the Master Plan ‘Buurtbusiness Vrieheide’, he developed in collaboration with BMC. It is an approach introduced with the different levels and planning and action deadlines are brought together to a spatial strategy for the development of the district in the long term.

The mission was the downward spiral in which the district had fallen to turn to a positive development. To achieve this, it is aimed at an activation potential of the area with not only public, but also a large amount of entrepreneurs in and around the neighborhood. As a result, at this time businesses and residents actively working on several concrete projects in the district.

Marc Maurer - Maurer United Architects -informs us about the transformation project SUPER LOCAL, where the released material from three to demolish gallery flats will be the basis of hundred new homes. This ambition requires a new approach, perhaps in the area of ​​project. What is the role of the architect?

Maurer United Architects produced an evaluation of the three flats. The lessons from five decades flat habitation of interest to architects, planners and policy makers in general - but especially for future planning on the spot. In their research Maurer United Architects interviewed current and former residents of the flats. These findings have lead to the publication JIDDERINNE volt ZIECH HEEM DOA (everyone feels at home here). The project SUPER LOCAL foresees, after the indexing phase, in a number of subsequent phases of the project, which eventually has to be delivered within the framework of IBA Parkstad Limburg in 2020.

Saskia van Stein, Director Bureau Europe, will be moderating this evening.

Date: 11 November, 20:00-22:00
Language: Dutch
Access: Free
Location: Bureau Europe

Rik Martens

Marc Maurer