Enterprising Designers - The Renaissance of Manufacturing Culture in Maastricht

10 November 2017 till 7 January 2018

Enterprising Designers (Ondernemende Ontwerpers) showcases talent from different design disciplines and generations. They operate on the basis of their knowledge and skills, often crossing the boundaries of their respective fields. Every fortnight a new trio is featured, representing specific positions in their design discipline. They are also forerunners of current trends and design tendencies.

For over two centuries, Maastricht, the catalyst of the Dutch Industrial Revolution, has been at the interface of rawmaterials, design, and production, informing a manufacturing culture that has been subject to technological, economic, and social changes. These developments are also reflected in education and industry, and the role of the designer has consequently changed.

Responding to these societal changes, the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts has considered the need to adapt the curricula of its various courses, both to broaden the design discipline and to connect to the world around us.

The Enterprising Designers work together in transdisciplinary teams, experiment with alternative social or value systems, and democratise design and production processes. They reuse materials, work on circular co-creative systems, and develop traditional, poetic, and playful strategies.

The exhibition represents a range of design positions, from the applied to the autonomous. The broadening of the design discipline is illustrated by this exploration of Maastricht’s thriving creative atmosphere and the designers’ motivations and products.

These Enterprising Designers and their peers exemplify the renaissance of Maastricht’s manufacturing culture.


Presentation 1 – from 10 to 24 November:
Architects Studio Stad, fashion collective FASHIONCLASH, and graphic designers Studio NOTO (with visuals by WEDOVOODOO.tv).

Presentation 2 – from 25 November to 8 December:
Product designer Dirk Ploos van Amstel, Ronald Meijs, and product designer Riccardo Belli.

Presentation 3 – from 9 to 22 December:
Jewellery designer Chrissie Pepels, bag designer Ellen Truijen, and fashion designer Monique Eillebrecht.

Presentation 4 – from 23 December to 7 January:
Graphic designer Boy Bastiaens, architects Maurer United, and designer Jessica den Hartog.

Opening: 10 November 2017
Location: Eiffel Building

*At the invitation of the Municipality of Maastricht, these Enterprising Designers were selected by Chequita Nahar, director of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, and Saskia van Stein, director of Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design, for the ‘Groeten uit Maastricht’ project at the invitation of the Municipality of Maastricht

Architectenbureau Studio Stad - modecollectief FASHIONCLASH - grafische ontwerp Studio NOTO (with visuals van WEDOVOODOO.tv)

Dirk Ploos van Amstel - Ronald Meijs - Ricardo Belli

Jewelry designer Chrissie Pepels, bag designer Ellen Truijen and fashion designer Monique Eillebrecht

Architects Maurer United., graphic designer Boy Bastiaans and designer Jessica den Hartog