Election debate: The future of the city, Maastricht

7 March 2018

Have you decided for whom you shall vote? Municipal elections take place on Wednesday, 21 March. There are, of course, lots of issues to consider, including the cityscape, the development of Maastricht, and the improvement of urban quality.

It is noteworthy that Maastricht incorporates key points that directly relate to these issues in the municipal elections. Should Agricultural Interests be retained as virtually the only cultural sanctuary in the city? How can the Stationsstraat be made more attractive? Should Maastricht expand the urban fabric or should it build within existing urban contours?

More importantly: what do you think?

In a roundtable discussion, Bureau Europa has invited the 14 participating political parties to field these and more questions and to outline their vision for Maastricht and for improving its future urban qualities.

So far, the following political parties have accepted our invitation:
Lijst 1: Seniorenpartij - Jan Voorvelt
Lijst 2: CDA - Florence van der Heijden-Schaaf
Lijst 3: D66 - Richard Wijnands
Lijst 4: SP - Jack Gerats
Lijst 5: PvdA - Anita van Ham
Lijst 6: GroenLinks - Saskia Hermens
Lijst 7: Partij Veilig Maastricht - Wiel Hameleers
Lijst 8: VVD - Michel Severijns
Lijst 9: Maastrichtse Volkspartij - Leo Paris
Lijst 10: Liberale Partij Maastricht - Kitty Nuyts
Lijst 11: MOE:D - Rowan van der Broeck
Lijst 13: SAB - Social Actieve Burgerpartij - Jos Gorren

Moderator: George Vogelaar, journalist and filmmaker

Photo: website A2

Date: 7 March at 20:00
Language: Dutch
Admission: free
Location: Muziekgieterij, meet at Bureau Europa

photos: Vincent van den Bergh