E-Words starts in Maastricht on 8 March

8 March 2018

The Europe for Citizens grant is a European subsidy for projects that enable a better understanding of citizenship in the European Union, with a view to its history and diversity. The honoured programmes focus on commemoration, collective history, and democratic values and awareness. In 2017, the grant was awarded to the E-Words project.
Following on from the launch in Siena on 12 October 2017, the first activity takes place on 8 March: a webinar between Maastricht University and the University of Siena in which students and the public can debate themes of identity and human rights.

This project is academic, multidisciplinary, and international. It researches popular associations to words such as totalitarianism, ostracism, oppression, and the like, through a variety of conventional and innovative methods. The project aims for intercultural discussion, translating it into greater mutual understanding, and to place the social and political effects of repression of all sorts into a broader context.

Four international universities support the project, each with its own local cultural partners. In addition to the universities of Siena, Krakow, and Sibiu, Maastricht University also participates, together with Bureau Europa, Lumière, and Van Eyck.

Date: 8 March at 16:00
Location: Turnzaal, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Hof van Tilly, Grote Gracht 90-92, Maastricht
Language: English
Admission: free