Duo-lecture by Artur Beifuss & Ruben Pater

12 May 2016

The design discipline has long trusted on the modernistic idea of ‘doing good’. But what is to be considered ‘good’ and ‘bad’ design in contemporary culture? What are the unintended consequences of a design? What are cultural or psychological implications in non-western contexts? On May 12, Artur Beifuss and Ruben Pater will discuss these questions in the context of increased globalisation and medialisation.

Artur Beifuss is a (counter-terrorism-) analyst and co-author of Branding Terror, in which he investigates the visual identities of terrorist organizations. Beifuss shows which sophisticated means terrorist organisations are using to spread their messages. He sees a role for designers, advertising creatives, and branding consultants in combating the ideology of terrorism by ‘normalising’ it. 

The upcoming publication The Politics of Design by designer Ruben Pater is not about propaganda or the design of political parties. Rather, it acknowledges the fact that all design is political. Using provocative visual examples, accompanied by ideas from anthropology, social sciences, psychology, communication science, and cultural studies, Pater explores how visual communication is always intertwined with politics. By doing so, urging graphic designers to be become aware of their role and responsibilities.

Moderation: Saskia van Stein

Date: May 12, 20:00 – 22:00
Language: English
Entrance: Free