Driving Days with De Percee

Come and see the model railways in action

10 September till 22 October 2023

If you are unable to visit the model railway Driving Day on Sunday 10 September, De Percee will also give demonstrations from 12:00 to 17:00 on Sunday 1, 15, and 22 October. Registration isn’t necessary; regular admission prices apply.

Bureau Europa presents the De Percee model railway! The HO exhibition track was built from 1995 onwards, based on 21 modules, each 120 cm in size, with a depth in the front modules of 60 or 30 cm. The total length is 840cm. The track plan is double-lane with a shadow station. Striking features are the station, the quarry and a Limburg farm on the left. the landscape is situated in the Euregio. There are not only trains running through the landscape, but also all kinds of vehicles!

Although the rolling landscape is neutral and not time-bound, the marl quarry and the discovery of the Mosasaurus reveal a striking Limburg character!

The model railway association is called Percee, a reference to the breakthrough of the former fortress in Wyck, which made the connection from the city to the station possible. Given the location of the club, in the basement of the historic Bosch brewery, and the link to the railways, the name Percee quickly became obvious!

The association was founded in 1983 and brings members together every week to talk, listen and watch each other's rail activities. We are working on various tracks and using our own train equipment. A large collection of magazines and catalogs about the hobby has been collected, as well as four tracks that members can ride on.

For more information, visit: www.depercee.nl

The Driving Days of The Percee will take place during visitor hours on the following dates:

  • Sunday 10 September
  • Sunday 1 October
  • Sunday 15 October
  • Sunday 22 October