Dreams for Randwyck

19 April till 2 June 2024

At the end of 2023, Bureau Europa issued a call for ideas, sketches, and dreams for the Maastricht neighbourhood of Randwyck. The selected results of this call will be showcased starting from April 19th at Bureau Europa and in Randwyck itself.

In the coming years, Maastricht will be working to improve Randwyck, and in parallel with this process, Bureau Europa has been collecting sketches. Over the past few months, creative thinkers and makers have submitted dozens of ideas, sketches, and dreams envisioning new plans for Randwyck.

Randwyck is home to several buildings and complexes of national and international significance: the Government building, MECC Convention Center, international companies, and especially the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, one of the world's leading locations for medical and biomedical research. But Randwyck is not yet a complete entity. The ideas and plans submitted give substance to dreams for Randwyck.

Working together with the entities improving the district – the municipality of Maastricht, MUMC+ academic hospital, Maastricht University, and the numerous businesses in Randwyck – along with external jury member and curator Ward Janssen, the jury evaluated the many sketches based on three themes:

• Community, focusing on creating connections and support

• Health, linked to the businesses of the Health Campus

• Public space, connected to redesign and project development

These sketches form the basis for a follow-up process that may lead to the implementation of the work and/or an artist-in-residency. Selected sketches are from Isolde Venrooy & Roy Voragen, Marine Kaiser & Mathias C. Pfund, Tim Broeren & Joey Rademaker (De Nieuwe Context), Nina Simons (Studio Kernland), Michiel Romme, David de Boer, Jasper Ponjee (Studio MicMac), Maarten Plomp, and Kyra Nijskens.


The selected sketches will be presented from April 19th to June 2nd at Bureau Europa. Additionally, the sketches will be on display in Randwyck itself: firstly at a residents' evening on April 24th at the MECC, later also at the MUMC and Maastricht University.

Dates Friday April 19 - Sunday June 2 2024
Admission Regular fees apply
People with limited funds are welcome to inquire about the possibilities.