Domestic Affairs in Doha, Quatar

24 March till 14 May 2016

After two successful editions in Cologne and Shenzhen, the exhibition Domestic Affairs, a House Is a Home to a Paradox will be on display from 24 March in Qatar's capital, Doha

The Domestic Affairs exhibition explores the house as the cradle of our social, economic, and political life. In the quest for a balance between privacy and popularity, trust and suspicion, commitment and seclusion, the house has become a filter for our relationship to society. It is the place par excellence from which we form opinions of our local and global neighbours. As such, the home is more than bricks and mortar, financial data, and the accumulation of utensils and technologies; the home is a state of mind.

At the invitation of the Virginia Commonwealth University, Domestic Affairs will take place in Doha. An important part of this version of the exhibition is its educational aspect, for which, before the official opening on 24 March, curators and students will debate the role of critical design.

Mamon Ashreteh for Disarming Design from Palestine * Atelier NL * Auger-Loizeau * Laura Cornet * Edith Dekyndt * Heather Dewey-Hagborg * DUS architects * Ward Goes * Ina Hollmann * Jesse Howard * International Academy of Arts Palestine and Disarming Design Team * Elisa van Joolen * Chris Kabel * Noortje de Keijzer * Heleen Klopper * Karel Martens for Maharam * Christien Meindertsma for t.e. * Metahaven * MisoSoupDesign * Simone C. Niquille * Ruben Pater * Martina Petrelli * Katja Petterson * Pinar&Viola * Liane Polinder * Helmut Smits * Philippe Starck for Alessi * Studio Droog * Studio Swine * TD * Thomas Vailly * Stefania Vulpi

Domestic Affairs is a project by Bureau Europa, curated by the Institute of Relevant Studies (Agata Jaworska and Giovanni Innella), and with graphic identity by the Design Displacement Group.

Domestic Affairs is made possible through the generous support of the Creative Industries Fund.

Opening times:
The exhibition opens on March 24 and runs until 14 May. Opening times are from 10:00 to 20:00, except on Fridays, when it is open from 14:00 to 20:00

Fire Station Artist in Residence
Al Dafna, Doha, Qata

Domestic Affairs in Doha, Quatar

The exhibition

Photo's by Simone Muscolino