Digital Detox - CANCELLED

13 June 2019


On Thursday 13 June, Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design, is organising a Digital Detox Dinner on the Markt, Maastricht. Are you attending?

Before the start of the Digital Detox Dinner, you hand in your mobile temporarily. We eat together, have conversations, exchange ideas, ‘like’ new friends, and listen to three inspiring speed lectures by Jerry Spanakis, researcher at Maastricht University, Merel Noorman from Tilburg University, and information designer Richard Vijgen on the current state of affairs in the digital domain. The three lectures address digitisation’s influence on the city and society. To optimally hear the talks, we shall use silent-disco headphones.

Bureau Europa’s Digital Detox event on the Markt aims to stimulate conversation about the city, society, and digitisation in Maastricht and the broader region. We subsequently want to increase awareness about technology and society. For Digital Detox, we work together with Maastricht Marketing, Maastricht University, and the Municipality of Maastricht.

In the year that the World Wide Web celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, Bureau Europa presents Digital Dilemma – The Architecture of Trust, an exhibition examining the pervasiveness of digital technology and its influence on architecture and society. As the title implies, we focus on the concept of trust. After all, the current climate of social distrust and the decline of the influence of traditional power institutions, such as the church, the government, industry, the banks, seems to have shifted to private companies and technological platforms, such as Facebook, and those of the sharing and gig economies, such as Uber and Amazon.

The complete three-course dinner (including wine), organised as part of the exhibition Digital Dilemma – The Architecture of Trust, costs €15 and includes also free access to the exhibition, which runs until 16 June at Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design.

Image: Sepus Noordmans

Date: --- CANCELED --- Thursday, 13 June, 18.00 – 21.00
Location: Markt Maastricht
Participation: € 15, reserve your seat here for the Digital Detox Dinner table, stating ‘Digital Detox Dinner’.