Design your City: a philosophy put into practice

31 January 2018

Why is Maastricht such an attractive city to urban planners and urban designers? Probably because of Maastricht's historic structure and it's recent urban development projects. The city is continually evolving in a well-considered and steady process. But how does this development take place, which ways of thinking does it embody, and how are these put into practice? Art historian JacobVoorthuis and urban sociologist Hans Hoorn will discuss these topics.

Can Maastricht and other Dutch cities be labelled as 'school examples' of contemporary urban design and residential construction? What innovation projects are being devised in the Netherlands, and why are the results interesting from an urban or architectural point of view? University lecturer Jacob Voorthuis and urban sociologist Hans Hoorn shall address and discuss these questions.

Jacob Voorthuis
Art historian Jacob Voorthuis obtained his doctorate in architectural theory and philosophy with a thesis on the social role of architectural design. His primary expertise lies in the designing ability and the assessment of design decisions. He examines the social consequences of design, especially within the framework of the relationships between people and the environment,

Hans Hoorn
Urban sociologist Hans Hoorn has been the Deputy Director of Urban Development and Land Development at the Municipality of Maastricht for more than 20 years. He was also chairperson of the Maastricht Welstands Committee. An interview with Hans Hoorn can be seen in the exhibition Unrealised. Never-Built Maastricht.

Date: 31 January, 20:00
Language: Dutch
Admission: free
Location: Bureau Europa