Design by Choice, lecture series

16 November 2015 till 17 January 2016

A special lecture series organised as part of the Design by Choice exhibition.

'The Sex Appeal of the Inorganic and the Distraction of Architecture: An Aesthetic Appraisal’
by Patrick Healy (Delft)

Patrick Healy works as a senior researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment T.U.Delft. He is Professor of inter-disciplinary research at the F.I.U. Amsterdam (Free International University) since 1997. His recent publications can be found at

Date: 16 November 2015, 19:30
Location: Karman-Auditorium, Fo4, Aachen
Language: English

‘The Digital Turn, from Mass Customization to Complexity and Computation’
by Mario Carpo (London)

Mario Carpo  is Reyner Banham Professor of Architectural Theory and History, the Bartlett, University College London.
Carpo's research and publications focus on the relationship among architectural theory, cultural history, and the history of media and information technology. His Architecture in the Age of Printing (2001) has been translated into several languages. His most recent books are The Alphabet and the Algorithm, a history of digital design theory (2011); and The Digital Turn in Architecture, 1992-2012, an AD Reader.

Date: 30 November 2015, 19:30
Location: Bureau Europa, Maastricht
Language: English

‘Immanuelkirche Köln – Architektur und Holzingenieurbau’ (Emmanuel Church Cologne – Architecture and Wood Engineering in Dialogue)
by Jürgen Bartenschlag (Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin) and Anders Übelhack (Züblin Holzingenieurbau/MERK Timber, Aichach)

Date: 07 December 2015, 19:30
Location: Karman-Auditorium, Fo4, Aachen
Language: German

‘Of Otters and Iron: Captain Hook, Alexander Walker and the People of Nootka Sound on the Northwest Pacific Coast 1778 – 1786’
by Maxine Berg (Warwick)

Maxine Berg is Professor of History, and founding Director of the Global History and Culture Centre at the University of Warwick. She has written extensively on the history of consumer culture and luxury. She led the Luxury Project at Warwick between 1998 and 2002, and has participated in luxury and commodities networks run from Warwick in recent years. Her 2005 book, Luxury and Pleasure in Eighteenth-Century Britain (OUP) discussed the making of a new consumer culture and new luxury and semi-luxury products for an emerging middle class. She founded the Global History and Culture Centre at Warwick in 2007, and has directed this during various periods since then.

Date: 17 January 2016, 11:00
Location: Bureau Europa, Maastricht
Language: English

‘Rage Against the Machine: Cast Iron and Its Critics’
by Paul Dobraszczyk (Manchester)

Paul Dobraszczyk is a visiting lecturer at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. He is the author of The Dead City: Urban Ruins and the Spectacle of Decay (forthcoming in 2017), Iron, Ornament and Architecture in Victorian Britain (2014), and Into the Belly of the Beast: Exploring London's Victorian Sewers (2009). He has also co-edited (with Peter Sealy), Function & Fantasy: Iron Architecture in the Long Nineteenth Century (forthcoming in 2016), and (with Carlos Galviz and Bradley L. Garrett), Global Undergrounds: Exploring Cities Within (forthcoming in 2016).

Date: 17 January 2016, 12:00
Location: Bureau Europa, Maastricht
Language: English

‘Form Follows Process’
by Silke Langenberg (Zurich/Munich) and Yves Ebnöther (Zurich)

Dr Silke Langenberg is Full Professor for Design and Construction in Existing Contexts, Conservation and Building Research at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. Before she has worked for many years at ETH Zurich, most recently in the field of Architecture and Digital Fabrication. Her research focuses on the attempts to optimise planning and to rationalise the building process as well as on questions concerning the development, repair and conservation of system buildings, digitally fabricated constructions and larger building stocks.

Yves Ebnöther, 1974, is a Swiss industrial designer with a research focus on digital design and manufacturing technologies. He runs his own design practice, is a Co-Founder of Fablab Zurich and lectures on Design & Digital Fabrication at HSLU D&K.

Date: 18 January 2016, 19:30
Location: Karman-Auditorium, Fo4, Aachen
Language: English

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