Design Anthropology - Surveying the Design Discipline

25 June 2016

On 25 June, Bureau Europa presents 'Design Anthropology – Surveying the Design Discipline', a symposium investigating the evolution of the design discipline. The symposium convenes interdisciplinary professionals to discuss the underlying myths within design, deconstruct its emerging signs, and examine how technology influences the future landscape of design.

The Symposium is part of the exhibition The Next Big Thing is Not a Thing and is partly derived from the research and publication Design Anthropology by Dr Yana Milev.

Speakers include:
Eric Kluitenberg, Friedrich von Borries, Agata Jaworska, Tamar Sharon, Tamar Shafrir, and Sascha Glasl.

- Introduction by Saskia van Stein about the exhibition The Next Big Thing is Not a Thing

- Architect and educator in Design Theory Friedrich von Borries* on the politics of design, followed by a reaction from designer Bas van Beek.

- Architect Sascha Glasl on Space&Matter, a proactive architecture agency of spatial thinkers and makers.

- Media theorist Eric Kluitenberg on the function of self-produced media forms in the context of recently occupied public spaces.

- Philosopher and researcher Tamar Sharon on self-tracking technologies in personalised medicine and health.

- Writer and designer Tamar Shafrir on curating in the digital age and technological mediation in aesthetic encounter.

Date: 25 June 2016, 13:00 – 18:00
Language: English
Locatie: Bureau Europa
Entrance: €5, including drinks
Students: free

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We thank the Goethe-Institut for supporting this event, and Pathe Maastricht for making an auditorium available. 

*This lecture is part of the global discussion series “Kritikmaschine.”  Organisers are the Goethe-Institut and Kursbuch, one of Germany’s leading intellectual magazines.