De Toonzaal #2: Chantal Le Doux

7 March till 15 April 2018

De Toonzaal offers a window to visual artists, designers, and architects. Adjacent to the street, they can show work that investigates, expresses, or critically addresses the public domain – the place where we meet or meet each other and ‘the other’ – an encounter that appears under threat because, increasingly, it is less a norm in the current political climate. Chantal Le Doux is the second artist they will meet.

Every six weeks in De Toonzaal, passers-by can encounter a different spatial or visual experience. Chantal Le Doux is the second artist they will meet.

Chantal Le Doux
In work that moves between different disciplines, such as painting and creating objects and installation, Chantal Le Doux creates a visual universe with its own laws and language. Her work can be seen as spatial painting, which transforms according to her presence in and interpretation of any given setting.

Image: Lyanne Polderman

Date: opening 7 March 2018, 17:00–19:00, the presentation can be seen until 15 April.
Admission: free
Location: Bureau Europa

The opening of De Toonzaal #2