Dance performance Against Architecture

30 March 2008

Choreographer: Bruno Listopad & Korzo productions
Dancers: Amaranta Velarde González and Angelina Deck

Choreographer Bruno Listopad and Korzo productions presented the dance performance 'Against Architecture'. The performance took place at a remarkable and appropriate venue: de arch room on the third floor of the Wiebenga hall.

Listopad derives the title of new work from a book by Denis Hollier about the work of Georges Bataille. According to Bataille architecture can be seen as a representation of suppression because it wields control on its inhabitants. Architecture is thus a power tool in the hands of rulers. In his performance, Listopad applies this vision to a theatrical choreography. He sees the choreographer as the master of his dansers' bodies and the choreography as the compelling pattern that keeps the dansers in harness. 

In Against Architecture Listopad is also inspired by the views of the Situationists (1957 - 1972): an international avant-garde movement with Frenchman Guy Debord as most prominent member. The Situationists resisted capitalism and the alienation it caused in society. 

Together with the two female dansers he investigates in this work the choreographic process. The result is Against Architecture: a duet in which the two performers expose the friction between their personal identity and the role they take.