Contested Waters

20 June 2015

To mark Pink Saturday, Bureau Europa has invited Maastricht's Het Geluid music theatre company to examine the phenomenon of 'otherness'

Contested Waters
A heterotopic experience for the little homogeneous man

Taking the city as a metaphor, the performance addresses the constructs and norms imposed upon our identities. In what ways do people struggle with their individuality in a sea of homogeneity?

How do we present ourselves in public space? Where and how do we allow space for each other's 'otherness' and how do we see this translated in the cities, houses, products, organisations, and the relationships we construct? Where is there room for fluidity in our lives?

Come and experience fluidity, float with us to another place, and let time transform us from performance to concert. While listening, float on beautiful thoughts in our pool, the perfect place for momentarily escaping our seemingly well-defined identities.

Bring your bathing suit!

The performance takes place in the pool at Club Pellikaan Maastricht. Feel free to immerse yourself to the sounds of live minimal music. Please arrive twenty minutes early to ensure you have enough time to put on your bathing suit.

Performers: Gable Roelofsen & Philippine Hoegen
Pianist: Dorine Diemer
Music: John Adams
Director: Romy Roelofsen
Concept: Bureau Europa in collaboration with Het Geluid Maastricht and Philippine Hoegen
Photo credits: Daniel Mulder
Graphic design: Bart de Baets

Date: 20 June at 19:00 and 21:15

Language: Dutch and English

Admission: € 8.50 (tickets reserved via or at the counter in Bureau Europa).

Club Pellikaan, Dousbergweg 4, 6216 GC Maastricht.

Transportation to and from the Club Pellikaan 
A bus departs from Mosae Forum/hoek Kesselskade bus stop (by the white tent) at 18:15 and 20:30. You can also make your own way there.

Contested Waters

the performance on 20 June