Club Céramique

30 November 2010 till 27 March 2011

In November 2011, NAiM/Bureau Europa transformed into ' Club Céramique', an extensive activity program inspired by the public discussion about the Céramique area.

Shortly before 'Club Céramique', the last buildings (by architects Charles Vandenhove and Christian Kieckens) in Maastricht urban plan Céramique had been delivered. This led to a political discussion about this area, mainly over the heads of the inhabitants themselves. That incited NAiM/Bureau Europa, as an inhabitant, to give attention to Céramique. The building was temporarily transformed into a club house, called 'Club Céramique' where various activities with and for the inhabitants of the quarter could take place. 

Besides an activity program, ‘Club Céramique’ wanted to show the original ideas, the present reality and the changing image of this city area. Not only to the inhabitants themselves, but also because this masterplan is an international example of urban innovation. Historical material was shown about the development of the quarter and the habitat dream of Álvaro Siza was presented by showing his interior designs for the penthouse of his living tower. 

‘Club Céramique’ especially wanted to clarify the so-called 'social capital' of the quarter by presenting various activities. Who lives in Céramique and why? What are the interests of the inhabitants? And which opportunities and potential are offered by the quarter of the future?  Elements of 'Club Céramique' were a temporary photo studio where inhabitants could have their portrets made; a once-only cocktail bar annex wine bar and a workshop about designing an econological balcony garden. Moreover, 'Club Céramique' developed activities in the neighbourhood, among otheres a series of photo works on the invisible inside world of Céramique and various surprising routes that made the architecture, the inner gardens and the interiors accessible. 

Photography: Johannes Schwartz

Graphic design: Experimental Jetset



Window prints