Buiten de Perken! (Beyond Bounds)

1 till 30 September 2016

Organised by CNME and Bureau Europe, the Buiten de Perken! (Beyond Bounds) photography contest focuses on the curious contact between the green of nature and the grey of urban development. Read on for how to get involved!

Photographing green and grey

An obvious ode to the landscape, the Limburg Anthem begins: 'Where in the bonze-green oak wood, the nightingale sings' (Waar in 't bronsgroen eikenhout, 't nachtegaaltje zingt). For the exhibition Bronze-Green Oak Wood, From Landscape to Back Garden, CNME and Bureau Europa team up to highlight and increase awareness of the (Limburg) landscape and inner-city green spaces.

Accompanying the exhibition is the photography competition Buiten de Perken! What do we consider as nature in the urban environment and how (un)cultivated is the nature beyond it? Who decides what nature is? For some, nature is synonymous with the Alps, while others consider their backyard an ecological paradise. And what about nature's power? The space between paving tiles is never too small for daisies or thistles to grow.

Buiten de Perken! invites you to submit up to 10 images that represent nature and the urban environment embracing one other or that show the friction between them. In other words, how do the green and the grey come into contact? The winning entry will be displayed in the Bronze-Green Oak Wood exhibition. On 1 October, during the opening of Bronze-Green Oak Wood, an expert jury will select a winner. The winner also receives a professional print of their winning photo and €250.

Submit your photographs to buitendeperken@cnme.nl by 27 September stating your name and picture title(s). Visit www.buitendeperken.eu to see the entries. The award ceremony takes place at Bureau Europa, Maastricht, on 1 October from 15:00 to 17:00.


CNME aims to connect people and nature in Maastricht and the surrounding region. CNME gets citizens, businesses and governments involved with their natural environment, thus creating support for sustainable action.

The winner: Maurice Habets