Building Blocks

Corner presentation by Ilona van den Brekel

26 January till 27 February 2022

A new presentation is on display in Bureau Europa’s corner space and display windows, which you can also enjoy from the street. The presentation brings together ceramics and people observations by artist Ilona van den Brekel.

Van den Brekel’s work stems from the basic experiences of everyday existence; once an image forms in her head, it remains – it is about looking, being viewed, awareness and becoming, changing positions in different situations. She is intrigued by how people look at the same thing differently, each having their individual image of it. Van den Brekel works in various media, including video, photography and ceramics.
She is currently working on a ceramic installation entitled "Building Blocks".Every person is unique, yet constituted by the same building blocks as other people. These objects are unique in and of themselves, but they in turn are also built from the same elements as the other objects in this series. The differences lie in the clay being used, the glazing techniques being applied, and the set-ups of the individual elements.

Ilona van den Brekel also works for several cultural institutions (such as TAAT, Bureau Europa, and Dutch Dance Days) as a production and business leader and is affiliated with the Maastricht Institute of Interdisciplinary Arts.

Impressions (photo's: Moniek Wegdam)