Academia #9

An Entr’Acte on Sphinx

29 October till 8 November 2020

Academia #9. An Entr’Acte on Sphinx

Inspired by Walter Benjamin’s famous Arcades Project, analytical works by Freud, Mies, and Herzog, and the art of Klee, Duchamp and Tarkovsky, Architecture student Mehdi Mousavinasab presents an ambitious proposal that asks: How can the popular Sphinx passage in Maastricht be explored and challenge the passivity of passers-by through interaction?

Through a convergence of extensive research, astute analysis, designs, renderings and models, Mousavinasab presents his vision of the Passage of Maastricht.

Dates Thursday 29 October – Sunday 8 November
Admission free, write us:
Location Bureau Europa, in the White Hall