A film about Max Risselada

Life, Works, and 12 Buildings

28 April 2022

The film Max Risselada: Life, Works & 12 Buildings tells the story of Max Risselada (Madiun, Indonesia 1939), emeritus Professor of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology, architect and architectural writer.

Risselada is well known internationally for the depth and integrity of his research on modern architecture. He was born in the former Dutch East Indies and trained as an architect at the Delft University of Technology. After graduating in 1965 under the supervision of Cornelis van Eesteren and Jaap Bakema, he started his career as a teacher and researcher at this university. After being assistant to Aldo van Eyck for four years he moved to Los Angeles to start working for Charles and Ray Eames. After that, he started his own career as a teacher and architect.

The documentary by Jorn Konijn about the life and work of the architect premiered at the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) in October 2021.

The film
The documentary takes the viewer through 12 buildings all around the world, from the Smithsons' Economist Building in London to Le Corbusier's work in Ahmedabad, India. From Van den Broek & Bakema Aula Building in Delft, to Pinos & Miralles Cementary in Igualda Spain, to tell Risselada’s extraordinary life and work. As a professor he played an important role in the formation of a new generation of architects, including Francien Houben, Bjarne Mastenbroek and MVRDV.

In Jorn Konijn's Max Risselada: Life and Work in 12 Buildings, Risselada takes the viewer on a tour of the twelve buildings that inspired him the most, the buildings he researched extensively and those that have a personal connection with him. Through these 12 buildings his fascinating life is being told, detailing his life philosophy, which was shaped by modernism but changed through his hippy life style, the film showcases the life and work of a remarkable man.

After the film screening there will be a Q&A with architect Max Risselada and director Jorn Konijn.

Date Thursday 28 April, 7pm - 9pm
Location Lumière Cinema
Tickets free; let us know via info@bureau-europa.nl