Landscape as Cult. A changing view on our nature

28 November 2019 – 3 May 2020
The exhibition 'Landscape as Cult. A Changing View on Our Nature' puts the people/landscape and culture/nature relationships into sharp focus. The stage for our actions us has always been the landscape around us, but have we almost outgrown this podium? Given the increasing awareness of our disastrous treatment of nature, are we still able – or willing – to feel connected to it? Or are we more inclined to attract the landscape towards us, or even to spend more time in nature?

Museumnacht Maastricht POSTPONED til 30 October

30 October 2020
The fifth Museum Night Maastricht takes place on Friday 30 October 2020. Thirteen Art Venues – including, for the first time, Theater aan het Vrijthof – bring the world of art to life with a once-in-a-night-time programme of surprises for young and old.

Bureau Europa gesloten ivm corona virus tot 1 juni

2020 →

Urbanism in the Anthropocene - by Floris Alkemade CANCELLED

23 March 2020
On March 23, Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade gives his keynote lecture about urban design in the Anthropocene. Studium Generale and Bureau Europa present this event as part of the exhibition Landscape as Cult. Another view of our nature.
Event and exposition

Launch of Voyage Voyage expedition programme

7 – 15 March 2020
Bureau Europa is going on a journey! ​For its new Voyage Voyage programme, Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design, becomes a travel agency. We offer interesting, challenging, and surprising excursions in the Euregio. We visit unique, sometimes even abandoned locations and beautiful exhibition spaces and organisations beyond Maastricht’s boundaries to understand, from different perspectives, the Euregion’s cultural richness.

Voyage No 1: Tour de Limbourg (B) CANCELLED

14 March 2020
After the Voyage Votage launch on 7 March 2020, its pilot event takes place for a closed public on Saturday 14 March. We shall visit, with representatives from Maastricht’s cultural field, colleagues in Belgian Limburg.

Bureau Europa closed until 31 March because of the coronavirus

Dear visitors of Bureau Europa, Following the guidelines and advice of the RIVM, Bureau Europa has also decided to keep its doors closed to the public until 31 March at the earliest, for your and our health. The planned side programme will not take place either. A later date may be chosen for this. We are still investigating this. On working days between 12.00 and 17.00 hours a limited visit to the exhibition Landscape as Cult can be made by appointment. A different view of our nature. on the precaution that it does not involve large groups. We hope to be able to open the doors again in April. For questions or to make an appointment, please contact us via or via 043 350 30 20. We wish everyone good health, Team Office Europe
2019 →
Duo lecture

Stars for the city: landscape and environmental visions and Maastricht's self-image

21 November 2019
Als prelude op de tentoonstelling Landschap als Cult. Een andere kijk op onze natuur. geven stadsfilosoof Govert Derix en Tim van Wanroij, projectleider Omgevingsvisie bij de Gemeente Maastricht, een duolezing over het landschap als (ver)drager van zelfbeelden, stadsvisies en de (re)organisatie van stedelijkheid.

César Manrique: architect en beschermer van Canarisch erfgoed - Spaanstalige lezing!

13 November 2019
Bureau Europa verwelkomt de vereniging Circulo Cervantes met deze Spaanstalige lezing door Francisco Galante over het werk, gedachten- en erfgoed van de Lanzarotische kunstenaar en architect César Manrique. Beheerst u het Spaans? Dan bent u uiteraard hartelijk welkom om de lezing bij te wonen. Er wordt een beperkt Nederlandse vertaling van de gesproken tekst aangeboden.

New Fashion Narratives

17 October – 3 November 2019
Save the date! Thursday 17 October the short exhibition New Fashion Narratives by FASHIONCLASH opens at Bureau Europa. This exhibition which will be on show till 3 November, is a prelude to the FASHIONCLASH Festival that will take place on 1-2-3 November.
Storytelling Festival

Once Upon A Town

19 – 20 October 2019
A city festival with stories about known and unknown creative makers and local legends of ordinary people. Once Upon A Town is a festival for city stories of famous and unknown creatives and the local legends of ordinary people. The festival is an ode to Maastricht, its inhabitants, and the age-old tradition of telling (through) stories

Public Secrets - An Architecture of Limburg’s Visual Culture

29 August – 6 October 2019
You know it. I know it. They know it too. And should anyone ask about it, then we know nothing. Everyone knows a public secret, but nobody officially knows. Our region’s visual culture is also such a public secret. What are the specific images with which we identify? The group exhibition Public Secrets provides the first impetus for a sample of this region’s current visual culture. Image, imaging, and image culture have a relationship to, even an unprecedented grip on, our Self-image.

Floor van Spaendonck is Bureau Europa’s new directo

22 July – 1 October 2019
Starting 1 October 2019, Floor van Spaendonck will be the new director of Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design. She succeeds Saskia van Stein, who, since 2014, was in charge of the Bureau and announced her departure in May to allow a smooth transition to the next period of the cultural plan. Bureau Europa is very grateful to Saskia van Stein for all of her work and dedication.

Maastricht Photo Festival

20 – 29 September 2019
Tijdens het eerste Maastricht Photo Festival worden lokale fotografen gepresenteerd, wiens werk het snijvlak tussen artistieke en geografische perspectieven opzoekt. Het festival viert diversiteit en moedigt aan tot creativiteit. Het is een zoektocht naar de grenzen van de traditionele fotografie.

Beeldvorming en -cultuur in Limburg: fotografen aan het woord

24 September 2019
We herkennen onszelf in de omgeving, ons huis, de straat, stad en regio waarmee we ons Zelf identificeren. Maar we zijn onszelf niet altijd bewust van alle, al dan niet visuele, codes en machtsstructuren die in onze ontworpen omgeving, van stad tot landschap, besloten liggen: materieel, religie, cultureel, gender, verschillende etnische achtergronden. Bureau Europa stelt deze 'publieke geheimen' in de gelijknamige tentoonstelling aan de orde. Aspecten van de regionale beeldcultuur worden bespreekbaar gemaakt en in internationaal perspectief geplaatst.
Exhibition and debate

TURN – Climate Energy Heritage and Spatial Planning

27 June – 28 July 2019
This exhibition by the Creative Industries Fund NL (facilitated by Bureau Europa) on the results of the Heritage & Spatial Planning Programme demonstrates why the knowledge of designers and heritage specialists is vital to the spatial and administrative shaping of transition issues in the area of climate and energy. It focuses on sixteen projects that outline how this cooperation can be shaped locally and what solutions they can lead to.
Exhibition and debate

The Euregio Derailed? / De Euregio ontspoord? / L'Eurégion Déraillée? - Cross-border urbanisation and the railways

27 June – 28 July 2019
In 2018 a three-country rail network was expected to start, with more regular connections and new trains between Aachen, Liège, and Maastricht. Although the Dutch-German connection is established, the Dutch-Belgian railway remains indefinitely delayed. What does this delay mean? Does it indicate failing political cooperation? Is it merely a matter of unresolved technical issues? What happens if this rail connection never materialises? In short, what can the railways offer the urban region between Liège and Maastricht?


4 July 2019
As part of the EMBRACING EXCHANGE program, the EXCHANGE ACADEMY will take place on 4 July, a theme meeting for students and educational institutions, among others.


27 June – 3 July 2019
From 28 June to 7 July 2019, the CRAFT, SHINE and GENERATION KÖLN exhibitions on art and design from the Cologne, Eindhoven and Maastricht regions will be shown at special locations in the Sphinxkwartier in Maastricht. Bureau Europa also facilitates part of the exhibition.

The hidden interiors of Maastricht

21 June 2019
A tour of interiors took place on 15 March as part of the exhibition Stucco Storico: The Story Behind a Craft. Due to its unforeseen popularity, you might have missed the tour. We are therefore repeating the walk on Friday afternoon, 21 June.

Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust

12 April – 16 June 2019
The Digital Dilemma - The Architecture of Trust exhibition examines the current climate of institutional distrust and technology’s role in this. For centuries, the idea of trust bridged the gap – defined by (hidden) power and knowledge structures – between the authorities of the church, the government, industry and ordinary citizens.

Dag van de Architectuur

15 June 2019
At Bureau Europa, the annual Architecture Day is all about collective private commissioning (CPO). This form of building construction, in which future residents become the project developers, is gaining popularity. But what does it involve?

Digital Detox - CANCELLED

13 June 2019
--- CANCELLED --- On Thursday 13 June, Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design, is organising a Digital Detox Dinner on the Markt, Maastricht. Are you attending?
Guided tour

Curator tour

6 June 2019
​Thursday 6 June curators Vincent Thornhill and Guillemette Legrand guide you through the Digital Dilemma exhibition.

Saskia van Stein leaving Bureau Europa

1 May – 1 June 2019
Bureau Europa’s Supervisory Board regretfully announces Saskia van Stein is leaving her role as Bureau Europa’s director. We are very grateful to Saskia’s for her years of dedication and activities at Bureau Europa.

I Am Trust: the currency of data-driven societies - by Vincent Thornhill, Guillemette Legrand, and Sally Wyatt

29 May 2019
As part of the exhibition Digital Dilemma – The Architecture of Trust, prof. Sally Wyatt from Maastricht University in conversation with curators Vincent Thornhill and Guillemette Legrand discuss the currency of personal data in the Big Data era and the Self as a collective in the Internet of Things.
Duo lecture

Multifaceted design practice in 21st-century architecture

22 May 2019
Wednesday 22 May Thijs van Spaandonk and Gerjan Streng, from The Cloud Collective, and Mark Feron from Architectenzaak talk about their design practice. A changing society’s issues, assignments, and organisational forms ensure the architect’s role is also changing.
Guided tour

Timmerfabriek tour

15 June – 15 May 2019
On May 18 and June 15, Architecture Day, there is the unique opportunity to see the development of Bureau Europa and the Muziekgieterij. Maurer United’s architects will show you around and explain the renovations.

Local Heroes: Boy Bastiaens

25 April 2019
Thursday 25 April designer Boy Bastiaens will be guest at Bureau Europa, where Saskia van Stein, director of Bureau Europa, will be in conversation with him about his fascinations and inspirations, including pop culture, music, and comics.

Maastricht Museum night

12 – 13 April 2019
The fourth annual Maastricht Museum Night takes place on 12 April. Taking in 13 art venues, this year’s mind-blowing programme is devoted to the theme ‘Lost in Space’.

De bijzonderheden van de moderne Spaanse architectuur

3 April 2019
In deze lezing aangeboden door de Circulo Cervantes Maastricht, gaat architectuurhistoricus Suzanne Roelofs in op waarom de Spaanse architectuur zo bijzonder wordt gevonden: in een stad als Maastricht, waar ooit een uitgebreide campus van Santiago Calatrava had kunnen staan, is dat natuurlijk geen oninteressante vraag.
Installation & debate

A State of Exception

27 March – 3 April 2019
On 27 March, A State of Exception opens. A modest exhibition, but given this weeks election results a very relevant one. The exhibition shows works by artist Christopher Meerdo (USA), documentary makers Alina Schmuch and Franca Scholz (D), reaercher/designer Thomas Stratmann (D) and architect Joram Raaijmakers (NL).

Stucco Storico: the story behind a craft

24 November 2018 – 24 March 2019
On 24 November Stucco Storico: The Story Behind a Craft opens at Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design. Following on from Design by Choice, this is the second exhibition in our exhibition series about the migration of crafts.

The Treasury of Dom Hans van der Laan – with Caroline Voet and Jo Coenen

16 March 2019
On Saturday 16 March, the Van der Laan Foundation, in collaboration with the Flemish Architecture Institute and Bureau Europa, presents the project ‘The Treasury of Dom Hans van der Laan’.
Guided tour by curator

Curator tour Stucco Storico 16 February and 16 March

19 January – 16 March 2019
Remco Beckers, project leader at Bureau Europa and curator of the exhibition Stucco Storico: the story behind a craft will give three times a curator tour.

Digital manufacturing in the ‘tutorial culture’

27 February 2019
During this lecture, Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen will translate the 18th-century art and craft culture of Swiss stuccatori into the 21st-century methodology of Unfold Design Studio (Antwerp). This lecture is organized as part of Stucco Storico: the story behind a craft.
Guided city walk

The hidden interiors of Maastricht

15 March – 15 February 2019
City historian Servé Minis takes you on a walk through Maastricht city centre to visit several impressive locations. You are invited to be an unabashed voyeur of the alderman’s and secretary’s rooms in the town hall, the university’s Spiegelzaal (mirror room), the homes of the well-to-do bourgeoisie, and yet more exceptional spaces to which one normally doesn’t have access.

Ornament, ritual and identity in contemporary architecture and design

14 February 2019
Architect Willem Jan Neutelings and architecture researcher Marius Grootveld highlight the role of the ornament, not from its historical but rather its contemporary application. In contemporary architecture, design and urban design, ornamentation seems to play a reduced role in relation to the past, but is this true? This lecture is organized as part of Stucco Storico: The Story Behind a Craft.

The Guild in the 21st century: didactics and heritage preservation on a national scale

17 January 2019
By Wijnand Freling (author of Stuccowork in the Dutch Home from the 17th and 18th century), Anton van Delden (chairman of the Neerlandsch Stucgilde), and Angelique Friedrichs (researcher and restorer at SRAL Maastricht)
2018 →

Food landscapes in transition: Han Wiskerke on problems and solutions

28 November 2018
On 28 November, Han Wiskerke, Professor of Rural Sociology at the University of Wageningen, will give a lecture on the global food problem and possible future-proof solutions. As well as considering solutions through economic and social criteria, we also have to look at the spatial qualities of the landscape and how they are organised.
Urban storytelling festival

l'Art pour Elkaar - Urban storytelling festival

10 – 11 November 2018
On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November Bureau Europa will be the epicentre of a new cultural festival about storytelling and experiencing the city.
Networking event

Meet the Maker #04

3 – 4 November 2018
In the weekend of 3-4 November, the 4th edition of Meet the Maker takes place!
Networking event

Euregional Portfolio day for designers - Meet the Maker edition

3 November 2018
Within the framework of the Meet the Maker project, on Saturday 3 November from 15:00 - 17:00 take the chance to show your work to Euregional stakeholders in the field of design.
Lectures, tours and events

The Third Space - The Space and Spatiality in the works of Krisztina de Châtel Public programme

9 September – 14 October 2018
Ter gelegenheid van de tentoonstelling The Third Space wordt er een bijzonder publieksprogramma georganiseerd

The Third Space - Space and Spaciality in the works of Krisztina de Châtel

9 September – 14 October 2018
In samenwerking met de Nederlandse Dansdagen opent op 9 september, bij Bureau Europa, platform voor architectuur en design, de tentoonstelling The Third Space. Deze tentoonstelling wordt georganiseerd ter gelegenheid van de 75ste verjaardag van de choreografe Krisztina de Châtel.
Networking event

Open Call: Meet the Maker

1 – 10 October 2018
Are you a maker working in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion? Do you want to exhibit your work at Bureau Europa and present it to a select group of professionals and other makers, whom you can engage with in a constructive and inspiring conversation? Then the Meet the Maker open call is your chance!

The body-space dialogue

28 September 2018
The body-space dialogue, an in-depth conversation with the grand dame of Dutch modern dance Krisztina de Châtel about her life, her career, the seven exhibited works, and her new installation.

Bureau Europe temporarily closes its doors for renovation

From 14 May, Bureau Europa, platform architecture and design, temporarily closes its doors. The Timmerfabriek, the more than 100-year-old building in which Bureau Europa is located, is being thoroughly renovated by the Municipality of Maastricht.

Bureau Europa caretaker OMA's EU United flag

18 April – 31 July 2018
Van alle Europese vlaggen, ontwierp OMA/AMO een vlag met een barcode.Waar de Europese vlag nu een vast aantal sterren heeft, kan de barcode nog verder uitgebreid worden met elke nieuwe lidstaat van de EU.

Maastricht Modestad: feit of fictie?

29 June 2018
Op zoek naar een nieuwe identiteit, probeert Maastricht een aantal rollen uit. Maakstad, Muziekstad, Modestad. Waar Bureau Europa op 7 juni bevraagt of Maastricht er goed aan doet zich als Maakstad te profileren, staat op 29 juni centraal of Maastricht Modestad feit of fictie is.
Exhibition & presentations


1 – 10 June 2018
From 1 to 10 June, Embracing.Exchange takes place at the Eiffel building. Selected designers and institutions work together for 10 days on a large exhibition, lectures, debates, and matchmaking events. Every day, designers are in attendance to guide visitors around.
Guided tour

Rondleidingen bij Artifort en Mosa

8 June 2018
Hoe staat het met de maakindustrie in Maastricht en omgeving, welke exportproducten kenmerken Maastricht? Wat is Maastrichts design? In het kader van de tentoonstelling Embracing.Exchange, organiseert Bureau Europa, platform voor architectuur en design, twee korte rondleidingen door twee lichtende voorbeelden van de ontwerpende industrie, met een rijke geschiedenis, binnen en buiten de stad.

Maastricht Maakstad: feit of fictie?

7 June 2018
In het kader van de tentoonstelling Embracing.Exchange, organiseert Bureau Europa op donderdagavond 7 juni een debat over de potentie van maakstad Maastricht met René Holten - meubelontwerper, José Maase - industrieel ontwerper bij MOSA, Pieter Paul van de Wouw - beleidsmedewerker Cultuur en Economische Zaken bij de Gemeente Maastricht en Theo Ploeg - fictional sociologist en docent iArts.

June 2: Architecture Day 2018

2 June 2018
On Saturday 2 June, Construction Day and Architecture Day coincide, thus Bureau Europa is taking visitors through the Belvédère area for guided tours, music, and walks, through nature, along the water, and under concrete.

The Week of the New Maastricht: Keynote Lecture by Charles Landry

1 June 2018
WNM18 starts on Monday 28 May at various locations around the city and WNM18 concludes with a keynote lecture by Charles Landry on Friday 1 June. Charles Landry is an author, speaker, and international advisor.

Locus populi ubi?

11 – 13 May 2018
Dickers werken zijn heel divers en variëren van het ontwerpen en maken van maquettes, installaties tot tekeningen van arcologische steden, waar architectuur en ecologie versmelten.

Annual Report 2017

Met trots kijken we terug op 2017, een jaar waarin veel gebeurde en we dankbaar terugkijken op inspirerende samenwerkingen. Het was een jaar waarin de economische crisis ten einde kwam, de conjunctuur aantrok, de bouwsector kampte met een groot banentekort en de opdrachten en opgaven die eerder in de koelkast waren gezet, weer op agenda’s en in portefeuilles belandden.

Expeditie Zivlerschoon en de Mobiele Keuken

29 April 2018
Al eens hondsdraf gegeten, melganzenvoet of zilverschoon? Op zondag 29 April laten kunstenaars Janna Navis en Esther van de Pas je tijdens Expeditie Zilverschoon kennismaken met de eetbare wilde planten van Maastricht.


25 April 2018
Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology organiseert in samenwerking met Bureau Europa GEN ART HUB. Op 25 april tonen studenten de resultaten van een 8 weken lange ontdekkingstocht over generatieve kunst en design.

Local Heroes: The Element A – oeuvre lecture by Bas van der Pol

24 April 2018
Every six months, Bureau Europa presents a designer or architect who puts Maastricht under the spotlight from their own particular perspective. Following earlier editions, including by Jo Coenen, Maurice Mentjens, Zuiderlicht design agency, and landscape architects Lotte de Moor and Barry Kerckhoffs, it is now the turn of architect Bas van der Pol from The Element A, with an oeuvre lecture about his work in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and Africa.

De Staat van Europa: de toekomst van de Unie

18 April 2018
Luuk van Middelaar en Joop de Vries spreken in deze lezing over bureaucratie en burgerschap in de Europese Unie, de Europese democratische identiteit en de toekomst die Europa tegemoet gaat.

De Toonzaal #2: Chantal Le Doux

7 March – 15 April 2018
De Toonzaal offers a window to visual artists, designers, and architects. Adjacent to the street, they can show work that investigates, expresses, or critically addresses the public domain – the place where we meet or meet each other and ‘the other’ – an encounter that appears under threat because, increasingly, it is less a norm in the current political climate. Chantal Le Doux is the second artist they will meet.

Unrealised. Never Built Maastricht

15 December 2017 – 15 April 2018
Why do architecturally ambitious projects sometimes stagnate? What factors affect the success or failure of urban plans? Unrealised. Never Built Maastricht looks at the complexity faced by urban designers, architects, landscape designers, politicians and project developers. In the interplay of city planning, policy papers, public opinion, economic climate, cultural zeitgeist, adaptive designers, Bureau Europa wants to advocate for the experimental. Referencing Schubert’s unfinished symphony, Bureau Europa investigates how Maastricht would look if some of its unsuccessful projects were realised.

Museum Night Maastricht

13 – 14 April 2018
On Friday 13 April, the third Museum Night Maastricht takes place, and 13 art institutions will stay open until 1 o’clock at night!
Guided tour

Curatortour Unvollendete. Nooit gebouwd Maastricht

17 February – 14 April 2018
Remco Beckers, projectleider bij Bureau Europa en curator van de tentoonstelling Unvollendete. Nooit gebouwd Maastricht geeft een curatortour op 17 februari, 17 maart en 14 april.

Reflectiebijeenkomst Stad & Spoor

11 April 2018
Op 11 april vindt de laatste bijeenkomst plaats in de interactieve lijn voor Stad en Spoor. Deze bijeenkomst wordt georganiseerd door Bureau Europa en onderzoeksbureau Pantopicon i.s.m. de Gemeente Maastricht.
Fietstocht & wandeling

De Groenwandeling van Maastricht: een ander verhaal dan van de stenen van Maastricht.

7 April 2018
Fiets en wandel zaterdag 7 april samen met landschapshistoricus Fon Habets en landschapsarchitecte Jacqueline Verhees door Maastricht en kom meer te weten over de Maastrichter groenstructuren,

Maastricht: ooit af? Lezing door Jo Coenen, John Wevers en Rein Geurtsen

6 April 2018
De stedenbouwkundige, de architect en de politicus: Rein Geurtsen, Jo Coenen en John Wevers over ontwikkelingen en urgenties in Maastricht

Super Local - Pim Baarsen and Pavilions for Okana - Ellen Rouwendal/Laura Straehle on designing good things

21 March 2018
What is the correct ethical and moral balance between doing good and having the ambition to add design qualities to the community context in which artists and designers in poor countries. Designers Pim van Baarsen from Super Local and Ellen Rouwendal and Laura Straehle from Pavilions for Okana have experience with this issue.
Chidren's workshop

Making scale models: build your future city

13 – 15 March 2018
Two children’s workshops for children aged 8 to 12 are planned as part of the exhibition Unrealised. Never-Built Maastricht.

E-Words starts in Maastricht on 8 March

8 March 2018
The Europe for Citizens grant is a European subsidy for projects that enable a better understanding of citizenship in the European Union, with a view to its history and diversity. The honoured programmes focus on commemoration, collective history, and democratic values and awareness. In 2017, the grant was awarded to the E-Words project. Following on from the launch in Siena on 12 October 2017, the first activity takes place on 8 March: a webinar between Maastricht University and the University of Siena in which students and the public can debate themes of identity and human rights.

Election debate: The future of the city, Maastricht

7 March 2018
Have you decided for whom you shall vote? Municipal elections take place on Wednesday, 21 March. There are, of course, lots of issues to consider, including the cityscape, the development of Maastricht, and the improvement of urban quality.

Is it Realised? Christophe van Gerrewey and Huub Smeets about utopias in practice

1 March 2018
Architecture philosopher and author Christophe van Gerrewey and Huub Smeets, former director of Urban Development in Maastricht, will discuss utopianism and praxis in architecture, urban design, and reality.

De Toonzaal: Joep Hinssen

11 January – 25 February 2018
De Toonzaal biedt beeldend kunstenaars, ontwerpers en architecten een venster. Grenzend aan de straat tonen zij werk dat onderzoekend, beelden of kritisch ingaat op vraagstukken gerelateerd aan het publieke domein.

House / Care/ Architecture

7 February 2018
A debate that addresses institutional requirements and ‘care norms’ and questions the presumed goodness of domesticity.

2nd lecture of Stad en Spoor: New regional connectivity: From Hyperlocal to Interregional

7 February 2018
Stedenbouw, verkeerskunde en regionale connectiviteit ontmoeten elkaar rondom het station. Het station is niet alleen een knooppunt in de stad, maar ook op regionaal, zelfs Euregionaal vlak op het snijvlak van economische, culturele en ecologische belangen waar de stad Maastricht zich in de 21e eeuw voor inzet.

Design your City: a philosophy put into practice

31 January 2018
Why is Maastricht such an attractive city to urban planners and urban designers? Probably because of Maastricht's historic structure and it's recent urban development projects. The city is continually evolving in a well-considered and steady process. But how does this development take place, which ways of thinking does it embody, and how are these put into practice? Art historian JacobVoorthuis and urban sociologist Hans Hoorn will discuss these topics.

New Year's Reception 2018

11 January 2018
This year Bureau Europa shall together with Marres, House for Contemporary Culture organize the joint New Year’s reception of the Bonnefanten Museum Maastricht, Van Eyck, Marres, Hogeschool Zuyd, and Bureau Europa
Exhibition & presentations

Enterprising Designers - The Renaissance of Manufacturing Culture in Maastricht

10 November 2017 – 7 January 2018
Enterprising Designers (Ondernemende Ontwerpers) showcases talent from different design disciplines and generations. They operate on the basis of their knowledge and skills, often crossing the boundaries of their respective fields. Every fortnight a new trio is featured, representing specific positions in their design discipline. They are also forerunners of current trends and design tendencies.

Children's workshop

4 January 2018
On 4 January, a workshop to build a model will be given by the visual artist and art education teacher Sandrien Wansink. This free workshop is for children between the ages of 8 and 12 and lasts an hour and a half.
2017 →

Groeten uit Maastricht: verleden, heden, toekomst van Maastricht Porseleinstad

30 November 2017
In het kader van de tentoonstelling Groeten uit Maastricht - van 11 november t/m 7 januari - in het Eiffelgebouw, organiseert Bureau Europa een lezing over Maastricht Porseleinstad door Piet Stockmans en José Maase. Niet alleen heeft Maastricht een rijke, grootindustriële en internationale geschiedenis in de porseleinproductie, maar tevens een veelbelovende toekomst. Mosa bestaat in 2018 135 jaar en is nog lang niet uitgerangeerd.

The Materiality of the Invisible

29 August – 26 November 2017
On 29 August 2017, Van Eyck, Marres, and Bureau Europa launch the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible. Configured across three locations, 35 artists reveal the significance of archaeology for contemporary art and architecture.
Lecture, tour and performance

De Mobiele Stad: het stationsgebied in ontwikkeling

16 November 2017
Er gebeurt veel rondom het station in Maastricht. Zijn de investeringen die nu gemaakt worden in het stationskwartier een stedelijke noodzaak? Of kan hetzelfde, of zelfs meer, worden bereikt door op een andere manier naar vervoer en mobiliteit te kijken? Welke ideeën leven er bij de dagelijkse gebruiker van het station en haar omgeving? Na deze dubbellezing van Jake Wiersma en Daniel Jongtien kun je met hen gesprek en antwoord krijgen op deze vragen.

De Staat van Europa: Maurer United Architects en Yuri Veerman over symboliek in Europa

9 November 2017
Binnen de zesdelige serie 'De Staat van Europa', gestart op 22 februari in het teken van het jubileumjaar van het Verdrag van Maastricht, spreken Marc en Nicole Maurer en Yuri Veerman in deze vierde lezing over symbolische waardes in het moderne Europa, zoals deze tot uitdrukking komen in architectuur, ontwerp, politiek en maatschappij

Forensic Architecture and Digital Archaeology

6 November 2017
Lecture by Israeli architect Eyal Weizman - of Forensic Architecture and Professor of Spatial and Visual Culture at the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths. Coupled to Weizman's lecture, Femke Snelting of Constant (Brussels) will talk about digital archaeology.
Lecture & workshop

Vormstof en het nieuwe porselein

3 – 4 November 2017
Wat getuigt er in Maastricht nog van het porseleinverleden? In een gepassioneerd pleidooi breken Jo Schoenmakers en Marjo de Vries van Vormstof een lans voor porselein en voor een Maastrichtse trots en hernieuwd bewustzijn van de rijke geschiedenis die Maastricht in deze als ambachtsstad had en nog steeds heeft.

Local Heroes: Archaeology and Landscape Development - Vullings de Moor and Bureau Verbeek

25 October 2017
Are you curious about the stories behind your region's designed environment? Bureau Europa regularly puts a focus on designers and architects who have made their mark on designing the region. Following earlier editions by Jo Coenen, Maurice Mentjens, and Design Zuiderlucht, this lecture explores reclaimed and landscape architecture with Lotte de Moor of Vullings de Moor and Barry Kerckhoffs from Bureau Verbeek.
Lectures, tours, and film screenin

The Materiality of the Invisible public programme

13 – 24 October 2017
Bureau Europa, Marres, and Van Eyck have created an significant public programme as part of the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible.

Evaluating Alternatives: Designing with Waste – ROTOR and Superuse Studios

12 October 2017
On Thursday 12 October, Lionel Devlieger from ROTOR and Jos de Krieger from Superuse Studios present a lecture as part of Evaluating Alternatives, our series highlighting the changing roles of the architect and designer. This is a much-discussed topic in recent years, both within these disciplines and by those who trust in design's problem-solving ability.

For All, By All - Dutch pavillion at EDIT in Toronto

28 September – 8 October 2017
The Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology (EDIT) takes place in Toronto from 28 September to 8 October 2017. This ten-day festival, explores the convergence of design, innovation, and technology. 

The joint proposal by Bureau Europa, Bright | The Cloud Collective, and This Must Be The Place, in collaboration with Metabolic and ZUS, won the pitch with For All, By All. In addition to the pavilion, the collaborating organisations provide a programme of lectures and discussions.

De Thermen van Coriovallum: ontwerpen aan erfgoed.

21 September 2017
Oprichter van de ontwerpstudio De Thermen van Coriovallum, Jules Schoonman, gaat in gesprek met Karen Jeneson, conservator bij het Thermenmuseum in Heerlen.

Het Parcours: een lezing van Beatrice de Fraiture

10 September 2017
Tijdens het Parcours opent Bureau Europa haar deuren met de tentoonstelling The Materiality of the Invisible. De Maastrichtse archeologe Beatrice de Fraiture is uitgenodigd een lezing te geven over de noodzaak van onderzoek naar en restauratie van opgravingen en te koppelen aan het huidige Thermenmuseum.

Exist, Will Exist: DaF-architects and RAAAF

5 September 2017
Welke denkmodellen bestaan er binnen de architectuur, rondom het omgaan met de bestaande omgeving? Welke overwegingen komen eraan te pas bij nieuwe ontwerpen, welke symboliek en betekenisgeving zijn het eindresultaat? Catherine Visser - DaF-architecten en David Habets - RAAAF gaan in deze dubbellezing in op deze vragen. Ze lichten het onderzoekend ontwerpen door de architect en nieuw ervaren van beladen, cultureel erfgoed door de kunstenaar toe vanuit eigen missie, praktijken en ervaringen.

The State of Europe

On Wednesday 22 April a new series of talks, ‘The State of Europe’, starts at Bureau Europa.


30 June – 7 August 2017
On 30 June, the exhibition Maastricht, City of Stone opens at Bureau Europa, in cooperation with TU Delft and MMIA.
guided tour

Wandeling 'Maastrichter Steen' op 14 & 29 juli

14 – 29 July 2017
Vrijwel alle belangrijke monumenten in Nederland bevatten een aanzienlijke hoeveelheid natuursteen. Instandhouding van deze monumenten is van groot belang, niet alleen vanuit cultuurhistorische overwegingen, maar ook vanuit economische overwegingen. Denk maar eens aan de toeristen die bezoekjes brengen aan oude binnensteden.

Helden van Hier: Zuiderlicht

7 July 2017
Elk half jaar zet Bureau Europa een ontwerper of architect die zijn of haar stempel heeft gedrukt op - de vormgeving van - Maastricht in de spotlights. Na eerdere edities met onder meer Jo Coenen en Maurice Mentjens is nu Ontwerpbureau Zuiderlicht aan de beurt. Dit bureau voor visuele communicatie en meervoudig winnaar van de Red Dot Design Award, bestaat 30 jaar en organiseert samen met Bureau Europa een feestelijk mini-symposium over de kracht van design.

‘Grondstof Herzien’ over het archtectonisch potentieel van materialen en verhalen Rademacher de Vries en Werkstatt

4 July 2017
Architecten Christopher de Vries/Rademacher de Vries Architecten en Raoul Vleugels/Werkstatt gaan in gesprek.

Intensive Care, Architecture and Design in Healthcare

6 April – 25 June 2017
On 6 April, Alderman Mieke Damsma opens the exhibition 'Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare' at Bureau Europe, platform for architecture and design. This exhibition, about care, spatial design and design, examines the care challenges of the 21st century from different perspectives and design disciplines.

Manipulative care and architectur with Alzheimer - by Henri Snel, Ruud Hendriks, and Ike Kampho

22 June 2017
The coming decades will see significant increases in the number of Alzheimer’s patients and the need for specific care homes.

Expeditie Zilverschoon

18 June 2017
Al eens hondsdraf gegeten, melganzenvoet of zilverschoon? Zondag 18 juni laten kunstenaars Janna Navis en Esther van de Pas je tijdens Expeditie Zilverschoon kennismaken met de eetbare wilde planten van Maastricht. Expeditie Zilverschoon koppelt de mens in de stad opnieuw aan de natuur, en in het bijzonder aan wilde planten en 'onkruiden' die voor de mens nuttig zijn: de eetbare.

Dag van de Architectuur (Architecture Day)

17 June 2017
On 17 June, Maastricht celebrates the ‘Dag van de Architectuur’, highlighting the importance of architecture in the city. Iconic buildings open their doors and show what architecture can do for the quality of our living environment, the solution of major socioeconomic and spatial issues, and the democratisation and preservation of the urban environment.

The State of Europe: Indira van ‘t Klooster on the Identity of European architecture

15 June 2017
As part of The State of Europe lecture series at Bureau Europa, launched in the Maastricht Treaty’s jubilee year, Indira van ‘t Klooster talks about the European signature of the built environment. Van ‘t Klooster is the founder and editor of A10 new European Architecture Cooperative, a platform for architecture in Europe.

Exhibitoin of the works of winnner and nominees the Hermine van Bers Art Prize Award during KunstTour

2 – 4 June 2017
On Friday 2 June, during the opening of the KunstTour weekend, the Hermine van Bers Art Prize is awarded to Mike Moonen.

Annual Report 2016

Met trots kijken we terug op 2016, een bewogen jaar. Met zichtbare en minder zichtbare projecten binnen de Limburgse regio en ver daarbuiten hebben wij een bijdrage geleverd aan het denken, beleven en het tonen van maatschappelijke en culturele kwesties zoals deze zich voordoen in het domein van de vormgegeven omgeving.

An evening about the relationship between nature and healthcare architecture by Agnes van den Berg and Matthias Rottmann/De Zwarte Hond.

31 May 2017
On 31 May, Agnes van den Berg, Professor of Nature Experience and Landscape at the University of Groningen, will be in conversation with Matthias Rottmann, architect and partner at De Zwarte Hond architectural firm.
guided tour

Meet Maastricht Festival: guided tour of Intensive Care

26 May 2017
During the Meet Maastricht Festival, which runs from 26 to 28 May, Bureau Europa will host a guided tour, on Friday 26 May, of the exhibition Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare. After the tour, participants can contribute, from their own cultural perspectives, to a discussion about well-being and care.

‘De vloeibare stad’ (The Liquid City) by Floor Milikowski

18 May 2017
On Thursday 18 May, upon invitation from Stad.Academie – the academy for city makers – Floor Milikowski presents her lecture, The Liquid City. The title, referring to sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman’s concept of ‘liquid modernity’, assumes that the liquid city is conceived of as a continuous development and as a permanent urbanisation.

Frank Kolkman on alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry’s hierarchical superiority

19 April 2017
Frank Kolkman offers some speculative alternatives to the hierarchical superiority that, financially, the pharmaceutical industry is currently allocated. His respondent is Marijke Linthorst, formerly a Senate member and editor of the Wiardi Beckman Foundation’s S&D magazine.

Bernard Hulsman on ‘The Secret of Palladio’

13 April 2017
In his lecture, ‘The Secret of Palladio’, Bernard Hulsman, architecture editor for the NRC Handelsblad newspaper, explores the role imitation played in the work of Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio (1508–1580). Referring to buildings in England, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia, Hulsman demonstrates Palladio’s considerable influence on architecture.

Museumnight Maastricht

7 – 8 April 2017
Op vrijdag 7 april vindt de Museumnacht Maastricht plaats. Tijdens deze tweede editie openen maar liefst 13 culturele instellingen openen hun deuren tot 1 uur ’s nachts! Naast de vaste, lopende tentoonstellingen presenteert elke instelling een speciaal programma vol performances, workshops, artist talks, exclusieve rondleidingen, previews, drinks & beats.

Medicine Factory: natural medications for the abdomen!

7 April 2017
During the Maastricht Museum Night on Friday 7 April, you can participate in a workshop by Circus Engelbregt. At the Frontenpark, under the guidance of professionally trained technicians, you can research the healing power of nature and – based on your ailments – make your own medicine. The workshop is part of the exhibition Intensive Care: Architecture and Design in Healthcare.
Debate & Theatre

Club Romance

29 March 2017
'Club Romance' is part of the programme of 'Tasso & Jeanne d’Arc', a theatrical performance by the Nationale Toneel. This performance is presented on 29 March at the Parkstad Limburg Theater in Heerlen.

The State of Europe: lecture by Mathieu Segers

28 March 2017
On March 28 Prof. dr. Mathieu Segers will give the second lecture in The State of Europe series in which we examine the condition of a continent.

TEFAF Pop-up hotel 'To Many Places'

11 – 13 March 2017
From 10 to 19 March, Bureau Europa, platform architecture and design, transforms into the TEFAF Pop-Up Hotel, for which we have developed a special programme, working in collaboration with The Student Hotel – our new neighbours – and designer Emmy Polkamp.

Meet the Maker

12 March 2017
Made in collaboration with Noto graphic design studio, 'Meet the Maker' takes place at Bureau Europa on Sunday 12 March 2017. During 'Meet the Author' we offer Euroregional talents the opportunity to showcase their work and engage in dialogue. The aim is to enable sustainable cooperation and networking.
duo lecture

The State of Europe: duo lecture by OMA/AMO Stephan Petermann and XML David Mulder

22 February 2017
On Wednesday 22 February a new series of talks, ‘The State of Europe’, starts at Bureau Europa. Stephan Petermann from OMA/AMO and David Mulder from XML Architecture Research Urbanism both give a presentation on the ways in which they ‘build’ on the ‘State of Europe’. Both agencies have been conducting long-term research into the European Union’s meaning, identity, and various modes of representation

Students design for the Thermenmuseum

10 February 2017
On 10 February, ‘De Thermen van Coriovallum’ design studio starts at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture. The studio is run by Jules Schoonman - on behalf of Bureau Europa - and Caspar Frenken and is supported by the Heerlen Thermenmuseum.

Curator’s tour of Maas Paradox‬‬‬‬

22 January 2017
On Sunday 22 January, Han Dijk, co-curator of Maas Paradox, gives a guided tour of the Maas Paradox exhibition. Han is the founder and director of POSAD, an urban-planning design office for spatial planning and strategy.‬‬‬ ‪

Maas Paradox: Cultural Resilience in Times of Climate Chang

5 November 2016 – 22 January 2017
Water is both a curse and a blessing. We are dependent on it: we must drink it, it is essential for farming, and we love it for recreation. Maas Paradox is an exhibition in which designers, artists, and residents consider the impact of climate change on the lives of people in the Meuse region.

Transformation of the ENCI

19 January 2017
The construction of the staircase on the Luikerweg is a significant milestone in the transformation of the ENCI quarry. After nearly a hundred years, in 2017, the quarry will again be accessible to the public.
2016 →

Love Foundation & Marius Jopen

13 December 2016
On Tuesday 13 December, the Love Foundation and graphic designer Marius Jopen are participating in a discussion at Bureau Europa about the effectiveness of water development projects.

Evaluating Alternatives: Marco Vermeulen

8 December 2016
On thursday 8 december, Marco Vermeulen gives a lecture as part of our Evaluating Alternatives series, highlighting the changing roles and business models of the architect and the designer. Based on recent projects, including the Biesbosch MuseumEiland (recipient of three Architizer Awards) and the revision of Klavertje 4, Marco will discuss the necessary broadening of the architectural discipline.
guided tour

Maas Paradox: a guided tour by curator Ruben Pater

26 November 2016
Op zaterdag 26 november, 13:30 uur, verzorgt curator Ruben Pater een tour door de tentoonstelling Maasparadox. Deelname is gratis!

Duo lecture: Jalila Essaïdi and Mike Thompson

15 November 2016
On 15 November, Jalila Essaïdi and Mike Thompson are Bureau Europa’s guest speakers. They discuss how the interplay between technology, science, art, and design leads to innovation in new areas.
Bus tour

Contemporary-Art-Bus tour of the Euregion

12 – 13 November 2016
On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, fourteen contemporary art institutions allied with Very Contemporary in the Euregion participate in the Contemporary-Art-Bus tour.
guided tour

The Grensmaas in Itteren

12 November 2016
On Saturday 12 November, Bureau Europa organises a tour of Itteren, the epicentre of the Grensmaas project launched in 2008.
City Talks

Maurice Hermans on De Antistad

19 October 2016
On October 19 we shall talk with Maurice Hermans, author of the recently published book De Antistad (The Anti City). The publication depicts the genesis of the Netherlands’ most ageing, most transitional, and, some say, most unsuccessful city: Heerlen.

Dutch Dance Festival at Bureau Europa: Nightwalking II

8 October 2016
People who are born deaf and blind gain little or no information by hearing and seeing, they have to rely on touch and movement. How they then express themselves is unique and often difficult to understand. Nightwalking II is an interdisciplinary installation in which you can experience for yourself what it is to have been born deaf and blind. A part of the installation is the film Touched, in which dancers, experts in the field of body language, meet these people.

Oude fabrieken voor een nieuwe stad. De erfenis van 'de Sphinx'

5 October 2016
Het Sphinxkwartier ontwikkelt zich in rap tempo tot een creatieve en ondernemende stadswijk. Toch laten de oude fabrieken, en het definitieve vertrek van 'De Sphinx' (eind 2015), een leegte achter. Kan de ‘hippe’ herbestemming dit gat vullen?

The Bronze-green oak wood* From Landscape to Back Garden

1 September – 1 October 2016
The Bronze-Green Oak Wood is an exhibition exploring how we observe and depict nature, from landscape to back garden, vista to urban greenery, and from bio-utopia to an overgrown ruin’s 'unleashed' flora and fauna.

Buiten de Perken! (Beyond Bounds)

1 – 30 September 2016
Organised by CNME and Bureau Europe, the Buiten de Perken! (Beyond Bounds) photography contest focuses on the curious contact between the green of nature and the grey of urban development. Read on for how to get involved!

Parcours 2016: Bronsgroen Eikenhout & Joep Vossebeld

11 September 2016

pop-up exhibition a Home away from Home

20 – 30 July 2016
In the autumn of 2015, 366 architects and designers responded to a call from Floris van Alkemade, the state architect, and Caroline Schippers (COA) for new, flexible housing solutions to provide suitable temporary homes for asylum seekers. This pop-up exhibition shows a selection of the best entries.

Duo lecture Jurgen Bey & Roel Slabbers

14 July 2016
Roel Slabbers (1983, Ospel) explains his graduation project, Inter Esse, for which he won the 2015 BNI PRIZE. Jurgen Bey, co-founder of Studio Makking & Bey and director of the Sandberg Institute, chaired the BNI jury and explains why they chose Slabbers' design.


5 March – 10 July 2016
The exhibition The Next Big Thing is Not a Thing relates the evolving field of design to the science of anthropology. Using the gaze as a metaphor, the exhibition surveys the evolution of the design discipline and examines new fields of knowledge and critical practices. The exhibition questions the underlying myths within design, deconstructs its emerging signs, and examines how technology determines the future landscape of design.

Walhallatour tijdens de Week van Nieuw Maastricht

9 July 2016
On Saturday 9 July, during an afternoon walk through the Sphinxkwartier, architectural knowledge and performative experience combine during the Walhalla Tour.

Presentation & debate Maastricht as a creative city

29 June 2016
Maastricht endeavours to be a creative city and promotes the creative industries as a top economic sector. Despite its leading art schools and Cultural Studies faculty, students leave the city en masse after graduation.

Final presentations Conclusion of minor Intervention Design

28 June 2016
The final presentations of Intervention Design, a minor at the Maastricht Academy of Media Design & Technology (MAMDT), take place on 28 June. In this minor, lead by the teacher and journalist Theo Ploeg, students are tasked with translating media theory and their personal values into design praxis.

Design Anthropology - Surveying the Design Discipline

25 June 2016
On 25 June, Bureau Europa presents 'Design Anthropology – Surveying the Design Discipline', a symposium investigating the evolution of the design discipline. The symposium convenes interdisciplinary professionals to discuss the underlying myths within design, deconstruct its emerging signs, and examine how technology influences the future landscape of design.

Presentation of plans for Belvédère/Sphinxkwartier

14 June 2016
Despite receiving increasing attention, exactly where in Maastricht is the Sphinxkwartier and what is the story behind this new district? As Sphinx hype reaches fever pitch, Toos Hofstede of Viastory presents the story of the Sphinxkwartier. However, more is needed than just the story; the area should be experienced first-hand, and preferably before and during the many planned changes.

René Gabriëls over utopisme & architectuur

10 May – 7 June 2016

Off the Record

20 May 2016
Over the last years, performance has gained momentum and appreciation in the contemporary arts. Rooted in the mid ’60 Performance was a quintessential part of several focal shifts: the critique of material and commodity driven economics, the re-appropriation of the female body in feminism and a transferal of attention in art from the final product to the process of making, to name but a few.

Domestic Affairs in Doha, Quatar

24 March – 14 May 2016
After two successful editions in Cologne and Shenzhen, the exhibition Domestic Affairs, a House Is a Home to a Paradox will be on display from 24 March in Qatar's capital, Doha

Duo-lecture by Artur Beifuss & Ruben Pater

12 May 2016
The design discipline has long trusted on the modernistic idea of ‘doing good’. But what is to be considered ‘good’ and ‘bad’ design in contemporary culture? What are the unintended consequences of a design? What are cultural or psychological implications in non-western contexts? On May 12, Artur Beifuss and Ruben Pater will discuss these questions in the context of increased globalisation and medialisation.

Think global, dig local!

29 April 2016
What can local raw materials teach us? How can knowledge regarding a material’s origin help us to be wiser in its use? Does better knowledge of materials lead to better approaches to the environment?

Museum Night Maastricht

15 April 2016
Guided tour

Local heroes: Teske van Royen

2 April 2016
Are you curious about the stories behind your city's designed environment?
masterclass and lecture

Mapping the heatlhy city

1 – 2 April 2016
Future Urban Regions (FUR) organises, together with de Academie voor Bouwkunst Maastricht and Bureau Europa, the masterclass ‘Mapping de gezonde stad’ (in Dutch)

Upcycling - Making a bag from a display banner

20 March 2016
By popular request: workshop making bags using exhibition banners.
exhibition + book presentation

The Poacher’s Focus

24 January – 28 February 2016
Transition of a City From a Poetic Perspective by Maarten van de Berg - poetry- and Bert Janssen - photography -

Domestic Affairs: the house is a home to the paradox

4 December 2015 – 28 February 2016
After a successful first edition in January at the Passagen in Cologne – Germany's biggest design event – it is time for a second edition of Domestic Affairs, in which we rearticulated the exhibition for the Chinese context!

Common Carnaval

20 January – 9 February 2016
Carnaval is one of, if not the most powerful rituals known to the city of Maastricht, a city that cherishes its customs. Traditions, both old and new, coexist alongside one another. It is all a matter of giving each other space. This is what makes Maastricht a good city to reside in, to live life in, and to visit.

Evaluating Alternatives: a lecture by Geert Lovink

28 January 2016
Renowned media theorist Geert Lovink visits Bureau Europa to talk about currency design, technologies of payment, and the role of the designer in economic experiments. In the aftermath of multiple financial crises, a growing number of developers, hackers, entrepreneurs, and other creators are preoccupied with the design of our financial futures.

Design by Choice, lecture series

16 November 2015 – 17 January 2016
A special lecture series organised as part of the Design by Choice exhibition.

Made in Europe

10 October 2015 – 17 January 2016
Photographer Kim Bouvy (1974) has been commissioned by Bureau Europa to study the specific reciprocity between the industrial history and identity of Liege and Maastricht.

Design by Choice: the origins of mass customization in Europe

10 October 2015 – 17 January 2016
Design by Choice investigates the origins of contemporary consumer society. At its centre is a representative sample of European cast iron trade catalogues.
2015 →
performative newsroom

Rise & Shine

4 – 8 December 2015
Rise & Shine, is a performative newsroom disseminating information about projects by Dutch architects, urbanists, designers and academics on display at UABB.

Evaluating Alternatives: duo lecture by Rik Martens and Marc Maurer

11 November 2015
This is a lecture in the series' Evaluating Alternatives, "about the changed roles and business models of the architect and designer, a subject that has been much discussed in recent years. Both within the discipline itself, as by those who ascribe much confidence in problem solving skills of designers. One speaks about a paradigm shift: no big gestures, but modest, mostly temporary designs.
Lecture and debate

Evaluating Alternatives: Market & Morality

9 November 2015
In ‘Evaluating Alternatives’, a series about the designer’s new roles and business models, Bureau Europa investigates the market’s basic ideology – neoliberalism.

Lecture by Wiel Arets and book launch 'Wiel Arets - Bas Princen'

4 November 2015
On Wednesday 4 November, the renowned Limburg architect Wiel Arets (1955) will give a lecture about his new buildings, the competions he has won and the latest developments with hit work. Afterwards he presents his latest book 'Wiel Arets – Bas Princen'.

The Great Indoors Award 2015 - And the winners are...

31 October 2015
The Great Indoors Award is an international, biennial, interior design award. Saturday 31 October the winners of the 2015 edition were announced in four categories, with a total prize money of 20.000 EUR.

The Great Indoors 2015 FOREVER NOW

2 June – 31 October 2015
The Great Indoors Award is an international, biennial competition in the field of interior design. This edition of The Great Indoors titled FOREVER NOW, raises the question of our relationship to now (and new) central. If we do from the perspective of the interior to look contemporary design in an attempt to understand the current trends, we see a discipline fraught with ambiguities and paradoxes.

2 day workshop Isocarp

19 – 20 October 2015
ISOCARP, the International Society of City and Regional Planners, is organising its annual conference this October 2015 in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. On 19 and 20 October 2015, a satellite part of this conference takes place in Maastricht. It is organised by Bureau Europa in collaboration with buroSTUB and StudioStad, and is commissioned by the municipality of Maastricht and the Province of Limburg under the name of "How to overcome national borders - New Economy, Old Borders", which aims to promote Euroregional knowledge and cross-border collaborations from a spatial-economic perspective.

Evaluating Alternatives: The New Roles and Alternative Revenue Models Within Design Practice

2 October 2015
On Friday 2 October, the architect Marc Koehler gives a lecture on the changing role of the architect within design practice. Koehler, and his office MKA, is an innovator of other methods for architecture.
walking tour

Local heroes: Maurice Mentjens See the city through the eyes of Maurice Mentjens

26 September 2015
See the city through the eyes of Maurice Mentjens

3th Workshop Isocarp: New Economy, Old Borders

18 September 2015
With the aim of promoting regional knowledge sharing and cross-border cooperation, Bureau Europa is organising several meetings in collaboration with a number of creative entrepreneurs in preparation for the ISCOCARP Congress (International Society of City and Regional Planners) in October.
lecture and presentation

IBA Parkstad plans: lecture by Jo Coenen

17 September 2015
IBA (International Bau Ausstellung) is originally a German concept and is characterised by long periods of engagement – usually addressing social and economic issues through spatial interventions – often for 20 years. It was successfully applied to address large-scale contraction in the Saxony-Anhalt region, and gave a boost to Duisburg and Essen through the Zeche Zollverein and the Landschaftspark.

The Great Indoors 2015: the nominees

3 – 4 September 2015
It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the nominees of the 5th biannial The Great Indoors Award. The international jury selected at 3 en 4 September five architects and designers per category.

Werkplaats voor de nieuwe wereld / Workshop for the New World

1 May – 5 July 2015
What makes work worth the effort? How do our daily actions give meaning to our lives and to our physical environment?

Lectures about the New World

13 May – 25 June 2015
During the exhibition Workshop for the New World Bureau Europa will organise lectures that support the ideas of the makers of the exhibition.

Contested Waters

20 June 2015
To mark Pink Saturday, Bureau Europa has invited Maastricht's Het Geluid music theatre company to examine the phenomenon of 'otherness'

Negotiating Domesticity: Spatial Productions of Gender in Modern Architecture

19 – 20 June 2015
'First we form the architecture, then the architecture gives us form' is a well-known adage of architectural discourse. This evening, which has been specially programmed in parallel to Pink Saturday 2015, is about the relationships we have with our designed environment and how this environment determines our behaviour and our identity. In a keynote lecture by Hilde Heynen on Friday 19 June, she looks at the issues that are central to the publication: Negotiating Domesticity: Spatial Productions of Gender in Modern Architecture

Meet the Maker meets FASHIONCLASH

13 June 2015
In november 2014 startte Bureau Europa met Meet the Maker, een nieuw concept, dat kunstenaars, designers en performers een platform biedt, waarop zij hun werk kunnen presenteren aan een selecte groep geïnteresseerden. Dit jaar krijgt het evenement een bijzonder vervolg, door een samenwerking met het internationale modeplatform FASHIONCLASH. 5 makers werden geselecteerd een object, project, werk of performance te presenteren aan een (transdisciplinaire)groep belangstellenden. Het thema van het FASHIONCLASH festival 2015 is Gender.

Key note lecture by Bas Heijne | in Dutch

10 June 2015
Dit voorjaar zendt VPRO/Human de documentaire reeks De Volmaakte Mens uit. Daarin gaat schrijver en columnist Bas Heijne op zoek naar de nieuwste technologie die ons idee van de mens blijvend lijkt te gaan veranderen. Genetische manipulatie, nanotechnologie, kunstmatige intelligentie - de mogelijkheden om onszelf te ,,verbeteren'' zijn zo talloos geworden dat we op een kantelpunt in de evolutie lijken te zijn aangekomen: de mens is zijn eigen schepper geworden.

New Econmoy, Old Borders

5 June 2015
ISOCARP, the International Society of City and Regional Planners, is organising its annual conference in October 2015 in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. On 19 and 20 October 2015, a satellite part of this conference takes place in Maastricht. It is organised by Bureau Europa in collaboration with a number of creative entrepreneurs, and is commissioned by the municipality of Maastricht and the Province of Limburg under the name of "New Economy, Old Borders', which aims to promote Euroregional knowledge and cross-border collaborations.

Who owns my city?

24 April – 5 June 2015
Residents are often invited to participate in maintaining the quality of life of their city, while our retreating government has made us complicit in the financial burden of progress. At the same time livability has acquired commercial value, which is used as an assurance for the real estate market.


15 September 2013 – 31 May 2015
At the end of April, provincial deputy Noël Lebens and city councillor Gerdo van Grootheest officially launched the development of the 'Frontenpark'. Bureau Europa has been charged with the programming of the 'Frontenpark'.

Modelezing bij Bureau Europa + Preview FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

23 May 2015
Als podium voor ontwerptalent organiseert Bureau Europa, in samenwerking met FASHIONCLASH, op 23 mei een preview van de shows die in juni aan het grote publiek worden getoond. FASHIONCLASH Festival Maastricht is uitgegroeid tot een internationaal en interdisciplinair evenement, waar opkomende designers van verschillende disciplines de kans krijgen om hun werk te presenteren. Daarnaast is het een gevestigde waarde aan het worden in de internationale modewereld.

Opening Sky Hive Solar in the Frontenpar

25 April 2015
Thanks to the successful Adopt a Bee, Honey! crowdfunding campaign, A Sky Hive Solar has been commissioned for Maastricht's Frontenpark. The €15,000 target was raised thanks to contributions from the crowdfunding campaign and the City of Maastricht. Sky Hive Solar will be launched on Saturday 25 April.

KIJK Raumplan Versus Plan Libre

10 – 19 April 2015
Echoing the exhibition ‘Raumplan Versus Plan Libre’ curated by Max Risselade, which took place at TU Delft in 1986/87, third year BA Architectural Design students at the Maastricht Academy of Architecture sought the contemporary significance of Loos’s and Le Corbusier’s designs.

Sphinx debate about creative hubs

7 April 2015
Creative hubs: the new economic engine for urban development? What is a creative hub, who are the initiators behind those hubs and what are their ideas to start a creative hub? When can you define a creative hub as a successful initiative and what are the obstacles when initiating them? But also: how ‘bottom-up’ or informal are those initiatives and what are their financial flows? What role of the authority is needed or desired by the development of such a creative hub? To what extent is the creative professional (the artist, the designer) being ‘used’ to catalyze spatial developments? And if so, is this a bad thing?

CEDRIC PRICE: The Dynamics of Time

13 December 2014 – 22 March 2015
Bureau Europa presents the third iteration of an exhibition of the work of architect Cedric Price and the first public appearance of some of his selected projects in the Netherlands. CEDRIC PRICE: The Dynamics of Time is an exhibition that introduces the work of Price by presenting a cross-section of the elements of his inventive and singular practice: sketches, project drawings, recorded talks, first-hand accounts by staff, colleagues and friends. A series of selected projects present his innovative models for industry, education, government, tourism, ecology and the house.

Cedric Price During TEFAF

13 – 14 March 2015
The exhibition about Cedric Price continues at Bureau Europa and can be visited until Sunday 22 March. During TEFAF, a number of special activities are organized: Dr Tanja Herdt will give a lecture about Cedric Price and Jan Nauta, curator of the exhibition will give a presentation.

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13 March 2015
Strategic spatial planner, architect, and researcher Jan Willem Petersen will give a workshop in which he will discuss his particular working methods on the basis of projects such as 'Assembling Afghanistan', 'Constructing Lebanon' and 'the Terrorism as Urban Practice'. Collectively participants will reflect on JWP’s presentation and discuss the surplus value of an alternative practice based on engagement rather than participation and on expansion instead of framing.

Lecture about the work of Van Klingeren and screening of ‘Beauty and the Right to the Ugly’

27 February 2015
On 27 February, the architect and critic Piet Vollaard gives a lecture on the work of architect Frank Van Klingeren (1919 – 1999). This will be followed by a screening at Lumière Cinema of 'Beauty and the Right to the Ugly'(2014), the latest documentary by Wendelien van Oldenborgh, winner of the 2014 Heineken Prize.

Cedric Price – sufficiently incomplete

10 February 2015
Samantha Hardingham is currently the world’s leading scholar on the work of Cedric Price (1934-2003) and is co-curator of the current exhibition hosted by Bureau Europa, ‘CEDRIC PRICE: The Dynamics of Time’.

Winter Walk in the Frontenpark 'Encounters in the Rarefied Winter Air’

25 January 2015
On Sunday 25 January, Bureau Europa is organising a winter walk: Encounters in the Rarefied Winter Air. Walk with us through the Lage Fronten.


19 – 25 January 2015
During PASSAGEN – Germany's biggest design event – Bureau Europa, Dutch Design Exchange, and the Institute of Relevant Studies are organising the exhibition DOMESTIC AFFAIRS. We see this exhibition as an opportunity to hear a new voice of Dutch Design.

Duolecture about The Importance of Tourism for Sustainable Regional Development

21 January 2015
Duolecture by Bart Lens from Lens°Ass architects and curator of Bokrijk Brandmerkt, The Shift A+U architects and Gene Bertrand, program director of Discovery Centre Continuum.

Against the Grain

16 – 17 January 2015
Against the Grain on the narrative characteristics of architecture “Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot." The Sandman, Neil Gaiman
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Drie ontwerpers over de toekomst van Belvédère Maastricht.

2 December 2014
Sprekers: Nanne de Ru Powerhouse Company / Marc Maurer Maurer United / Paul Achterberg Quadrat

Meet the Maker

29 November 2014
On 29 November 2014, the first edition of ‘Meet the Maker’ – a collaboration with NOTO design studio in Maastricht – takes place at Bureau Europa. Artists, thinkers, designers and performers from the Euregio present one work for one day. The work’s presentation is underscored by the encounter between the public and professionals.

Signed, Jo Coenen

27 September – 23 November 2014
On Saturday 27 September the exhibition Signed, Jo Coenen opens at Bureau Europa. Although his recent appointment as curator-director of IBA Parkstad shows his career is far from over, Coenen's 65th birthday marks the occasion for an exhibition focusing on his sketches.

Boekpresentatie 'architect' Joan Melchior van der Meij

7 November 2014
Vijfenzestig jaar geleden overleed in Geulle architect Joan Melchior van der Meij (1878-1949), een van de drie grondleggers van de Amsterdamse School. Lang was er weinig over hem bekend. Terwijl zijn collega’s Michel de Klerk en Piet Kramer wereldberoemd zijn geworden, is het leven en werk van Van der Meij altijd in de schaduw blijven staan. Daar komt nu verandering in. Binnenkort verschijnt het boek Joan Melchior van der Meij, architect. Pionier van de Amsterdamse School. Een nieuw standaardwerk over een van Nederlands belangrijkste architecten.

Performing space, space performed Architectuur & Dans (in samenwerking met de Nederlandse Dansdagen)

2 November 2014
Aan de vooravond van de Nederlandse Dansdagen besteedt Bureau Europa aandacht aan de relatie tussen architectuur en dans. Dansen is, zoals de beroemde uitspraak van Merce Cunningham luidt, "in space and time." Tijdens deze avond wordt ingegaan op de vraag op welke manier de ruimtelijke conditie, sfeer of vorm van een plek, de dans informeert of beïnvloed.

Rondleiding met Jo Coenen (only in Dutch)

4 October 2014
Zaterdag 4 oktober 2014 geeft Jo Coenen een rondleiding door Maastricht, langs een aantal van zijn ontwerpen. Luister naar zijn achterliggende gedachten over Mosae Forum en wat hij vindt dat we kunnen leren van stadsdeel Céramique. En hoe kunnen we de relatie tussen de Maas/stad versterken?

COMING SOON: Real Imaginary Futures

24 May – 2 August 2014
On May 24 at 5 pm, Bureau Europa opened the exhibition COMING SOON. With landscape as a metaphor, the exhibition asks what lies at the heart of our contemporary utopias. From inspiration in the past and urgencies of the present, to projections of possible futures, the needs and virtues of our time (ecology, economy, social cohesion and technology) are extrapolated and implicitly worked into the exhibition and its parallel program.

Project 'Imaged Stories'

31 January – 31 July 2014
Camille Oostwegel ChâteauHotels & Restaurants, Marres Projects, and Bureau Europa/platform for architecture have teamed up to form a cultural research partnership. This project is called ‘Imaged Stories’ and focuses primarily on the history of the WinselerHof estate in Landgraaf.

The utopia of the free market

22 July 2014
On Tuesday, July 22 philosopher Hans Achterhuis gave a lecture about the utopia of the free market. In 2010, Hans Achterhuis was proclaimed ‘Thinker of the Fatherland’ by a.o. newspaper Trouw and Philosophy Magazine.

Mansholt, Landscape in Perspective

18 January – 20 April 2014
Against the background of the current reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy, Bureau Europa dedicates the exhibition 'Mansholt, Landscape in Perspective' to the way agriculture has determined the lay-out and shape of the Dutch landscape after 1945. Hallmark of the exhibition is the work of former minister of agriculture Sicco Mansholt,


4 – 5 April 2014
Bureau Europa/platform for architecture, LTO and the LLTB presented on Friday, April 4, 2014: Hammering on Europe. A debate in the context of the Europan elections of May 22 2014.

Crowdfunding project “Adopt a bee honey!”

1 October 2013 – 1 April 2014
In October, Bureau Europa and Bee Collective have launched crowdfunding project ‘Adopt a bee, honey!’ The funds raised for this project will be used to install the Sky Hive Solar, two bee hives on a high pole, in the Frontenpark. The Sky Hive Solar allows the initiators to bring the bee back into the city centre of Maastricht.


25 – 26 January 2014
On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th January 2014, the first TATA workshop took place at Bureau Europa and the Mosa Factory. Upon the invitation of the TAAT multidisciplinary collective, a group of six architects and six theatre artists came together to research the experience of time in a designed space.


19 October 2013 – 7 January 2014
Het project ‘Mijnspoorzoeker’ is in opdracht van Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg uitgevoerd. Het gewenste eindresultaat is een totaalconcept voor een nieuw te ontwikkelen hoogwaardige regionale toeristische verbinding tussen Nuth, Hoensbroek en Brunssum inclusief een daarbij horend uitvoeringsprogramma en passende globale kostenraming.
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29 November 2013
Bureau Europa is co-founder of Stad.Academie. Stad.Academie is a temporary course for ‘city makers’ with an interest in the transformative process of urban development. Due to current economic conditions, development in our cities has come to a virtual standstill. In addition, current social trends, such as smaller government and participatory citizens, demand a new attitude from those who work in and on the city. Through the lens of a number of generic themes, including monumentality, repurposing, and temporality, specific case studies from the Euregio are elaborated upon. The Stad.Academie curriculum develops new methods, abilities, and a discourse to seek alternative forms of urban activities despite a stagnant economy.

The Great Indoors Award 2013

1 September – 16 November 2013
The Great Indoors Award is an international, biennial, interior design award. On 15 November, during a festive Award Ceremony, the winners of the 2013 edition were announced in four categories. The Great Indoors is an initiative of FRAME magazine, Bureau Europa/platform for architecture, and Marres, House for Contemporary Culture.

Black Transparency - The Right To Know In The Age Of Mass Surveillance

7 September – 3 November 2013
Exhibition by design and research collective Metahaven on the question how information is organised globally and what role the concept of transparency occupies within it.

Exhibition PARKers

31 August – 8 September 2013
Exhibition in the Frontenpark: PARKers and cultural side programme. Nine temporary works of art, consisting of installations, sculptures and a performance, a film night with Lumière Cinema, location theatre with Nightscapes and a concert with bat detector together with Intro in situ.
Project PARKers

Radical Locality; actual potential

8 June – 5 August 2013
Recently, Bureau Europa opened its doors for the first time in the Timmerfabriek with the opening of the threefold exhibition ‘Radical Locality; actual potential’ on Saturday 8 June 2013 (17h00 – 19h00). With this exhibition/manifestation Bureau Europa conducts from 8 June through 5 August research into the meaning of the local and the role of architecture in our globalizing world.

Lecture by Martijn de Waal

12 June 2013
On Wednesday 12 June Architectuurcentrum TOPOS Maastricht and Bureau Europa organized a lecture by publicist and researcher Martijn de Waal in the framework of the TOPOS lecture series ‘Raakvlakken’.

Documentary series 'All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace'

9 June 2013
On Sunday 9 June, Bureau Europa featured all three episodes of the documentary series 'All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace' (Adam Curtis, 2011)about self-organizing systems, the politics of the collective and the waiver or disappearance of the individual.

Lecture by DUS architects

23 April 2013
On 23 April, Hedwig Heinsman of DUS architects (founded in 2004 by Martine de Wit, Hans Vermeulen and Hedwig Heinsman) spoke about the work and design attitude of DUS.

Lecture (Dutch) about Louis Le Roy

21 March 2013
On 21 March, Piet Vollaard, director of architecture website Archined, gave a lecture about Dutch artist/gardener/philosopher Louis Le Roy, one of the main protagonists of the ‘Wild Gardening’ movement. Debra Solomon and Mariska van den Berg of Urbaniahoeve responded from their practice. This lecture officially opened the new Sphinxpark season.

Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979

29 September 2012 – 9 February 2013
Exhibition in collaboration with Princeton University about the way Playboy magazine used architecture and design as important tools to shape a new identity for the American male.

Lecture 'Playboy: reconstructies van mannelijkheid'

31 January 2013
On Thursday, January 31, in connection with the exhibition ‘Playboy Architecture, 1953-1979’, Maaike Meijer, Dr. of literary studies and Professor of gender studies at Maastricht University, presents the (Dutch) lecture ‘Playboy: reconstructies van mannelijkheid’.
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Sphinxpark: temporary park in Maastricht

23 May – 31 December 2012
REcentre, NAiM/Bureau Europa and Marres Projects present until 1 July 2013 the Sphinxpark, a temporary park in the Maastricht inner city. On 26 May, the Sphinxpark was festively opened.

Lecture ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] in cooperation with TOPOS

21 November 2012
On Wednesday 21 November, TOPOS Architecture Centre Maastricht and NAiM/Bureau Europa organized a lecture by studio ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] in the TOPOS lecture series ‘Raakvlakken: Ver Weg’.

Lecture 'The Ambition of the Territory' by Christoph Grafe

13 November 2012
On Tuesday 13 November, Christoph Grafe, director of the Flemish Architecture Institute and commissioner of the Belgian entry for the Venice Biennial, will give a lecture at NAiM/Bureau Europa.

Lecture: 3D printing houses: dream or reality?

23 June 2012
Architecture centre TOPOS Maastricht and NAiM/Bureau Europa organized in collaboration with FabLab South Limburg a lecture by 'stone alchemist' Enrico Dini.


2 – 10 June 2012
At the invitation of NAiM/Bureau Europa and Marres, SALON/ presents SALON/Maastricht. SALON/ is a platform for fashion, design, art and culture, where both young and upcoming talents and established designers and artists present their work on various locations throughout the city, creating a cultural route.

ZOO, or the letter Z, just after Zionism

3 March – 10 June 2012
NAiM/Bureau Europa presents ZOO, or the letter Z, just after Zionism, an exhibition that uses the book ‘The Atlas of the Conflict’ by Malkit Shoshan as an anchor point.

Expert meeting 'Resilient Resistance'

2 June 2012
On 2 June, in the exhibition 'ZOO, or the letter Z, just after Zionism', NAiM/Bureau Europa organized an expert meeting that reflected on the role of an architect/artist in contemporary society.

Film ‘Mission Statements’ by Jord den Hollander

28 April 2012
On Saturday 28 April, NAiM/Bureau Europa showed the film ‘Mission Statements, the architecture of Dutch design’ by architect and film maker Jord den Hollander.

Alison & Peter Smithson: The Art of Inhabitation

17 December 2011 – 25 March 2012
'Alison & Peter Smithson, The Art of Inhabitation’ shows the work of the English architecture couple Alison (1928-1993) and Peter (1923-2003), being among the most prominent and controversial architects of the twentieth century.

Common Grounds: vacant potential

5 November 2011 – 29 January 2012
The exhibition Common Grounds investigates the possibilities inherent to the temporary redevelopment of disused urban areas. Curator: Saskia van Stein
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The Potential of Vacancy

5 November 2011
Lecture by Stealth.unlimited (Ana Džokić and Marc Neelen) What are the opportunities of the temporary redevelopment of properties? What is the potential of vacancy?

The Great Indoors 2011 Design Route

5 November 2011
Walking with Maurice Mentjens, world renowned interior designer from Holtum, along Maastricht city center and visiting the 5 student projects that were realized within the framework of The Great Indoors 2011 Education Programme.

The Great Indoors Award 2011

3 – 5 November 2011
In November 2011, the third edition took place of The Great Indoors Award, a biennial international event in the field of interior design.

The Great Expectations Award 2011

4 November 2011
Within the Great Expectations Award, the best student projects in The Great Indoors Education Program were awarded a prize. The jury consisted of nominees for The Great Indoors Award 2011.

Ronald Rietveld on VACANT NL

4 November 2011
Ronald Rietveld spoke about VACANT.NL which tries to change the mindset about vacancy involving a social problem and to put the issue on the political agenda.

RE-Action! Sustainability through Social Innovation

17 July – 2 October 2011
REcentre, centre for sustainable design in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, presented several best practices from home and abroad, and compared these to eight projects from Maastricht and the region.
Project RE-Action!

Workshop Time/Bank

17 September 2011
NAiM/Bureau Europa presented a workshop on the concept of Time Bank/Time Store and opened a temporary Time Store.
Project RE-Action!

Kate Bull: The People's Supermarket

5 September 2011
During the festive opening event of Re-Action!, Kate Bull, co-founder of The People’s Supermarket (UK), spoke about the importance of social innovation as a catalyst for sustainability.
Project RE-Action!

Out of Fashion: Maastricht Edition

14 May – 16 June 2011
This project showed how fashion houses, avant-garde designers and young, as yet unknown fashion designers utilize film, video and on-line media to give their designs form and to support their distribution and sales.

Events Out of Fashion: Maastricht Edition

14 – 26 May 2011
Out of Fashion Maastricht Edition presented a series of activities and events.

Club Céramique: program and activities

30 November 2010 – 27 March 2011
Past, present and future of Maastricht area Céramique were presented in Club Céramique with various activities and events.

Club Céramique

30 November 2010 – 27 March 2011
In November 2011, NAiM/Bureau Europa transformed into ' Club Céramique', an extensive activity program inspired by the public discussion about the Céramique area.

Panels. An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public

12 September 2010 – 16 January 2011
Sound installation 'Panels. An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public' by artist Paul Devens could be experienced, viewed and heard. An alienating architectonic experience with a major role for sound/light.
Project Panels
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Koolhaas Houselife

1 – 31 October 2010
In the documentary 'Koolhaas Houselife', housekeeper Guadalupe Acedo guides the spectator through the Maison à Bordeaux, designed by Rem Koolhaas and his studio OMA in 1998. An experiment that enables a different way of looking at - and representing - architecture.

An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public

29 – 30 October 2010
Sonic-architectonic installation Panels created an exceptional setting for a symposium and performances on space and sound. In this setting, various artists, theorists and architects gave lectures and performances right in the installation.
Project Panels


27 June – 26 September 2010
'Clip/Stamp/Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X–197X' was based on research by Beatriz Colomina (Princeton University) into the way architects publicized their views in self-initiated magazines in the 60's/70's.

Round table discussion Clip/Stamp/Fold

27 June 2010
Lectures and round table discussion on the occasion of exhibition Clip/Stamp/Fold.

Antibodies: the work of Fernando & Humberto Campana 1989 - 2009

13 March – 6 June 2010
In 2010, NAiM/Bureau Europa presented the work of the Campana brothers, the most significant designers in present-day Latin America.
Project Antibodies

Transition Town Maastricht

7 May 2010
Presentation by Bart Dekker about the start and the ideas of Transition Town Maastricht: the realization of Maastricht as edible city. Also presentation of the film 'The Power of Community'.

Changing Ideals 2 The Sequel

19 December 2009 – 19 February 2010
Under the title ‘Changing Ideals 2: The Sequel, NAiM / Bureau Europa presents current social developments in architecture and design.

Rien ne va Plus

12 September 2009 – 10 January 2010
'Rien ne va Plus' (Architecture in times of crisis) and'Reading Europe' (A collection of ideas on architecture and design) Result of a cooperation with magazine A10 for research into the possible assignment of architecture.
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The Great Indoors Workshops 2009

27 – 29 November 2009
Also during The Great Indoors 2009, workshops were organized for students from academies in Maastricht, Eindhoven, Aachen and Genk. Participants were challenged to design an interior addressing the theme 'Changing Ideals' .

The Great Indoors Award 2009

27 – 29 November 2009
In November 2009, Maastricht hosted the second edition of The Great Indoors, a biennial international design event in the field of interior design. Besides a workshop and lecture program, an international professional jury granted five awards to excellent designs in five categories.

The Great Indoors Designroute 2009

28 November 2009
In November 2009, Maastricht hosted The Great Indoors, biennial international design competition. Awards were handed out, and a special design route presented the results of The Great Indoors Workshops.

Michele de Lucchi

6 – 16 November 2009
‘Cassette a forma di casa’ presents 20 wooden architectural models, sketches and photos of De Lucchi, providing insight into a more autonomous artistic ambition of the designer.

Interior in the work of Jef Cornelis

13 November 2009
Expert meeting 'Interior in the oeuvre of Jef Cornelis' in cooperation with Jan van Eyck Academy.

Debates: Architecture in Times of Crisis

11 October 2009
Parallel to exhibition 'Rien ne va Plus' the building industry and the underlying economic, social and cultural mechanisms were discussed.

Reading Europe

12 September 2009
'Reading Europe' is a long-term project, aimed at archiving and explaining the diversity of developments and visions in architecture, urban development and landscape architecture in Europe.

NL = New Luxury

22 May – 23 August 2009
More attention for the still unknown potential of product design. That is what curator Alexander van Slobbe wanted to achieve with the project 'NL = Nieuwe Luxe'.

Workhsop: Will you marry me?

13 – 16 July 2009
In this workshop by Alexander van Slobbe, 21 studenten (ABK Maastricht and Design Academy Eindhoven) designed a wedding dress without the use of a sewing machine.

Housing in space and time. A search for socio-cultural trends in housing

16 June 2009
The VROM Council organized together with TU Delft and NAiM/Bureau Europa a meeting on socio-cultural trends that determine the future housing demand.

Changing Ideals: Re-thinking the House

4 November 2008 – 30 April 2009
'Changing Ideals: Re-thinking the House' confronted very different living concepts with each other, ranging from the Domus Cosmographica to the Mauritshuis and the television culture of the the Big Brother House.

Salon: The Order of Things

10 April 2009
In Salon 'The Order of Things' Rianne Makkink and Jurgen Bey presented their views on the house and the interior.

Salon: The Private House - recent projects

3 March 2009
Discussion about the most recent developments concerning the house with architects: Tony Fretton (London), Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV, Rotterdam), Don Murphy (VMX, Amsterdam). Discussion leader: Wim van den Bergh (Professor of Architecture RWTH Aachen)
2008 →

State Alpha: on the Architecture of Sleep

29 June – 5 October 2008
Freud regarded the dream as the guardian of sleep. ‘State Alpha, on the architecture of sleep’ examined to what extent the same can be said about architecture. The exhibition stimulated visitors to reflect on how architecture organizes our sleep.
Project State Alpha

Santiago Calatrava and the Liège Guillemins train station

25 September 2008
Double lecture by Bert van Bunningen and Fred Greve.

Dom Hans van der Laan: the human habitat

24 February – 25 May 2008
NAiM/Bureau Europa outlined a program on the fault line between architecture and design, with the interior as common thread. The first in a series of three exhibitions is titled ‘The Human Habitat’ presenting architect, designer, theorist and monk Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991).

Excursion Dom Hans van der Laan

24 May 2008
NAiM/Bureau Europa organized a unique Dom Hans van der Laan event, with an excursion to his master piece in Mamelis: the St. Benedictusberg Abbey. After the excursion, Ruud Lammerink gave a lecture on Beauty, measure and rhythm.

HOME / Christoph Seyferth

24 February – 13 April 2008
‘THUIS’ is the title of an installation by Christoph Seyferth. The work of this self-taught designer is diverse; he designed his own house in Maastricht, designed sports eyewear for Adidas and realized several interiors and furniture designs.

Ora et Labora

6 April 2008
During the Maastricht Museum Weekend, NAiM/Bureau Europa changed into a convent. Following the concept 'Ora et Labora' visitors experienced the timetable of a monk or nun with prayers, hymns, meals and lectures.

Dance performance Against Architecture

30 March 2008
Choreographer: Bruno Listopad & Korzo productions Dancers: Amaranta Velarde González and Angelina Deck

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

13 March 2008
Charles Jencks, American architecture critic, landscape architect and designer, gave a lecture titled 'The Garden of Cosmic Speculation'. He discussed his work and spoke about cosmic themes and the question of cultural identity.

P.J.H. Cuyers: architecture with a mission

27 September 2007 – 3 February 2008
The architect P.J.H. Cuypers (1827-1921), master of the nineteenth-century architecture, is mostly known in the Netherlands for his large-scale projects such as the Rijksmuseum (1876-1885) and Amsterdam Central Station (1882-1889), but also for the enormous amount of churches he designed.

The House of Cuypers

24 January 2008
Lecture by Bernadette van Hellenberg Hubar on the art studio of the firm Cuypers & Stolzenberg, a modern equivalent of the medieval building lodge.

Th restauration of Kasteel De Haar in Haarzuilens & Further with Cuypers: the restauration of the Rijksmuseum

6 January 2008
Two lectures by speakers Cor Bouwstra & Anne van Grevenstein on the restauration of Kasteel De Haar in Haarzuilens and the restauration of the Rijksmuseum.
2007 →

On the keeping quality of a restoration: looking back on the restoration of the 'Onze Lieve Vrouw' Basilica in Maastricht

22 November 2007
Clerical attendant Régis de la Haye discussed the restoration of the basilica 'Onze Lieve Vrouw' in Maastricht, one hundred years later.

The Great Indoors Award 2007 Workshops

15 – 17 November 2007
90 students from Design Academy Eindhoven, Academie Beeldende KunstenMaastricht, and Akademie van Bouwkunst Maastricht participated in five different workshops given by the nominees for the awards.

The Great Indoors Award 2007

15 – 17 November 2007
In 2007, the theme of international biennial THE GREAT INDOORS AWARD was 'Branded by Space': the increasingly dominant position of interior design on the private and public domain.

Performance Michele De Lucchi

16 November 2007
As part of an exhibition of his work, De Lucchi gave a performance in which he turned his autonomous artistic ambition with a chainsaw into an architectural object. Sawing from a tree stump he created a small wooden house, which was incorporated in the series Casette a forma di casa.

P.J.H. Cuypers: Building and City

8 November 2007
Lecture by Cuypers expert Aart Oxenaar: “Pierre Cuypers discovers that traditional architectural types cannot readily be implemented in the city, but that the architect should react to these types, if he aspires to give a meaningful contribution to the streets through his work.”

Cuypers: Architecture with a Mission

18 October 2007
Lecture about Cuypers as an inspired architect with a mission. "He believed in a community ideal, in an architecture that could change society, in the 'Gesamtkunstwerk' and in Gothic Revival as the only legitimate architecture style."

Jean Prouvé

12 May – 2 September 2007
The retrospective exhibition ‘Jean Prouvé, The poetry of the technical object’ is developed by the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein in collaboration with the Design Museum Akihabara in Tokio and the Deutsche Architektur Museum in Frankfurt.
Project Jean Prouvé

The Edible City

3 March – 22 June 2007
In the context of the first Bipolis, a manifestation on creative industry, NAiM/Bureau Europa, Z33 Hasselt and Het Domein Sittard collaboratively organized a project on the theme of food, with the working title ‘Food for Thought/Thoughts on Food’.

Views on architecture and urban development in the Euregion

11 May 2007
NAiM brought together the official national architects of the Netherlands and Belgium for a unique evening lecture. They presented their views on architecture and urban development in the Euregion and on the differences and similarities between the Netherlands and Belgium.
Project Jean Prouvé

New Faces in European Architecture

2 September 2006 – 21 April 2007
With the opening exhibition ‘New Faces in European Architecture: David Adjaye, Jürgen Mayer H., PLOT = BIG + JDS, SeARCH’, the NAi Maastricht presents an avant-garde of (young) European architects in the Kolommenzaal.

Women on innovative architecture

8 February 2007
Based on their own personal histories and sources of inspiration, young architects Monica Adams and Juliette Bekkering presented their views on architecture and illustrated the backgrounds of their realizations and future projects.
2006 →

Past, present future of Céramique area

14 December 2006
Lectures by Prudent de Wispelaere and Jan Vercauteren on the entirely renovated Céramique site in Maastricht, well-known project of former Chief Government Architect of Maastricht architect studio Coenen.

Danish architecture promise in the Netherlands

16 November 2006
In the context of the exhibition New Faces in European Architecture, major European avant-garde architects Bjarke Ingels and Bjarne Mastenbroek spoke about their personal views on urban issues of the future.